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Survey: How has engagement in staff changed in 2021?

By 26 August 2021March 10th, 2023No Comments

The many challenges experienced by organisations across the past year have shown just how important engagement in staff and a healthy culture is, for ensuring companies adapt and evolve through disruption.

Business and HR leaders have learned just how essential it is for their people to remain emotionally connected to colleagues, feel a sense of belonging and do meaningful work – whether working on the ‘frontline’, at home or in the office.

As we tentatively ease out of lockdown, organisations are now focused on creating new and (hopefully) improved working models, environments and processes for their employees.

Whether organisations are looking to go hybrid, fully remote or back to business as before, it’s yet another period of significant change and uncertainty.

How is this impacting the engagement in staff within your organisation? And what areas are you prioritising to create a better workplace for your people?

This is what we will be uncovering in our 2021 State of Employee Engagement Research.

The 2021 engagement in staff survey

We invited over 300 HR professionals and business leaders to take part in our short survey to share their current organisational challenges, worries and priorities – and to provide us with a better understanding of their employee feedback and engagement strategy.

We conducted the survey in partnership with HRZone and the responses will contribute to a growing body of research on how employee engagement has progressed since 2014.

The survey will uncover…

  • How the events of the past year have impacted employee engagement
  • The extent to which the employee value proposition has evolved
  • Where organisations are on their Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) journey
  • The most common challenges that arise with obtaining and acting on employee feedback

​Why did over 300 professionals take part?

  • Those who completed the survey will be the first to receive the research report
  • The first 250 participants received a Costa Coffee voucher as a little thank you for taking part
  • The report will contain great insights and guidance on how HR professionals and business leaders can better engage their employees in this rapidly changing world of work
  • The survey gives its participants a great opportunity to see how their engagement strategy and culture compares with other organisations

Keep an eye out for the 2021 State of Employee Engagement report which will be released in September.

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