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How have employees views on leadership changed?

By 28 July 2022November 4th, 2022No Comments

WorkBuzz recently analysed 📊 survey respondents from over 50,000 employees to see how views on leadership have changed over the last four years.

Here are the key takeaways ✅:
– Employee satisfaction with leadership is on a downward trend 📉 – dropping 8%
– Perceptions of immediate managers increased 5% 📈 over the same period
– Leadership 🗣 , Wellbeing 💆🏼‍♀️, Recognition 🏆, Growth 🌱, and Empowerment ✊🏽 are the employee engagement drivers HR teams should be prioritising

How have employees views on leadership changed?

The above data is an extract from the WorkBuzz eBook: ‘Steering your leadership teams: A how to guide for HR.’ The eBook offers further analysis on leadership and its impact on engagement, whilst also offering practical tips on how HR can support leaders with adapting to the changing requirements of their teams.

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