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International Week of Happiness at Work 2022

By 23 September 2022November 4th, 2022No Comments

International Week of Happiness at Work 2022

Everybody wants to be happy – especially in the workplace – and it’s WorkBuzz’s top priority to create an enjoyable work environment for everyone in all parts of the business. The average person spends around one third of their life working, so it’s so important to us that we get this right! Since our head count has more than doubled since last years’ Week of Happiness at Work article, we wanted to provide an updated account of what our employees love about working at WorkBuzz for this years’ International Week of Happiness at Work.

“I love my fellow WorkBuzzers – they challenge your thinking and help with anything. We also have a lot of fun together!”

“What makes me happy is that WorkBuzz is collegiate and we ALL work together to achieve the company’s aims. Nothing is too much trouble for anybody. We also always recognise each other and the contributions that people make. It makes for a great company culture.”

“I love that everyone is focussed on the company’s vision. It’s such an aligned team and everyone is pulling together. I also love that the end goal is to improve the lives of 1 million employees. Working at WorkBuzz means making a real difference to real people.”

“I love working at WorkBuzz because of the company vision and the people. They are what makes it! You get recognised and praised for good work and if you are struggling with something, people offer to pitch in. Everyone works to the same goal and are team players and like to have fun as well! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

“For me, I admire the support amongst the team. No one is here to bring anyone down. We all celebrate each other’s successes both in work and in our personal lives, and we rally together when times get tough. As a long-time WorkBuzzer, I always feel proud when people I see join go from strength to strength and reach their professional goals.”

“I love the team culture – everyone wants to see each other succeed, everyone supports each other’s personal and professional goals, and people will muck in even if it’s ‘not their job’.”

“I love that I can be crazy self at WorkBuzz. It’s the best feeling in the world!”

And finally, our most jazzy response:

“I love working at WorkBuzz because…

W – Willingness to always go the extra mile not only for clients but for each other. You can always ask a favour from a colleague, and they never complain, they just do it.

O – Observant – It’s the smaller details that people pick up. Everyone at WorkBuzz is made to feel special and acknowledged for when they do something good.

R – Refreshing – It’s refreshing to work for a place that practices what it preaches. It listens to its employees and feedbacks regularly.

K – Kulture with a K (only because there’s no C). The culture is always evolving and there is a strong recognition that as we grow, we need to maintain the best parts of what makes WorkBuzz a special place to work in.

B – Belonging – Everyone is made to feel welcome. There is a place for all people from all walks of life. Whether you are religious, have certain dietary needs, or experience health related issues, you are not made to feel any different.

U – Understanding – There is compassion and empathy from the leaders all the way through to your team members. If you need to work from home because you’re unwell or need to look after your child, there is always support and an understanding. Everyone of us deals with different circumstances and WorkBuzz does it’s best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Z – Zany – There are some interesting characters at WorkBuzz (myself included). Each has their own unique personality that they bring which only enhances the diversity of the culture.

Z – Zesty – The office is lively on Wednesdays, and people are full of energy (even though they may have a lot on and don’t show it). But whenever you speak to people you always feel they give you the time of day.”


WorkBuzz is a company with a real sense of purpose. We prioritise our values, invest in our people and empower them to grow and make an impact. Most WorkBuzzers describe WorkBuzz as the most challenging, but also the most rewarding place they ever have worked. Find out more about our culture, and how you can become a WorkBuzzer yourself here.

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