Say no to paper surveys and yes to time and cost-savings!

The most important element of running a successful engagement survey is making sure people have the opportunity to have their say. However, when your employees don’t have email addresses this can be challenging.

Traditionally, paper surveys would be the go-to method to use for ‘offline’ employees (those without email addresses). But this can be a, timely, expensive and complicated process.

Problems with paper surveys:

  • Given to the wrong employee(s)
  • Edited by a colleague or manager
  • Damaged in transit
  • Lower response rates
  • High cost to print, post and capture responses
  • Longer time for results to be returned once the surveys are completed

What other option do you have to contact people without email addresses?

Kiosk mode enables people to take part in a survey by using their smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or even an on-premise PC. All they need is internet access, the weblink and their unique access code. WorkBuzz provides the link and access codes to an organisation to share, so emails are completely taken out of the process!

In 2018 our average response rate for an online-only survey was 83%; 12% higher than those surveys which used paper surveys.

Wedge Group Galvanizing, the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organisation, is just one example of a WorkBuzz client who has made the switch from Paper to Kiosk mode. In 2018, using Kiosk Mode, Wedge achieved a 94% response rate with more than 800 individuals taking part.

Robin Fry, Director of HR at Wedge commented:

“Overall, we agreed to move to kiosk mode and eliminate hard paper copy survey for 4 main reasons.

1. We eliminated an administration task associated with the paper survey at each of our sites, when response forms had to be initially distributed, then gathered after completion, and posted. This was really beneficial as on a previous survey some forms got lost in this process.

2. We could receive the analysis of our results much faster as WorkBuzz were not reliant on the postal returns and had no data entry process to go through.

3. Costs were lower because WorkBuzz had no forms to print and distribute.

4. Employees completing the survey could be more confident of confidentiality, because the result was transmitted directly through to WorkBuzz, without any interference from site.”

How did Wedge administer Kiosk mode?

“We needed to make a computer available to our shop floor employees, who carry out manual work, and do not use computers in their normal roles. That’s why we placed the computer in a private space and allowed each employee time to complete the survey. For many of those employees, they needed to be helped to access the survey, then left in private to complete and submit them. As with paper, as a manufacturing business, we still had to allow each employee time away from their normal workplace to complete the survey.”

Employee Engagement Awards

WorkBuzz partners with the Employee Engagement Awards and Conference

We are proud to announce that WorkBuzz is a platinum sponsor of the Employee Engagement Awards 2019 and the Employee Engagement Conference 2019.

The EE Awards are the first and only global dedicated employee engagement awards and conference business. With the first awards presented in 2014, the event now operates in four continents.

“We’re delighted to support the Employee Engagement Awards – these play a vital role in recognising excellence and inspiring more organisations to focus on improving employee engagement.”  Said Steven Frost, WorkBuzz CEO

Our two organisations share a very similar vision of the world and of the importance of employee engagement, so it’s a natural fit.

The EE Awards offer a platform to recognise excellence in engagement and to drive the industry and the employee experience forward – which perfectly complements WorkBuzz’s mission to help build the world’s best workplaces. At the same time, both our teams are focused on bringing the industry together to share best practice.

As well as appearances at the awards ceremony and the conference, WorkBuzz and The EE Awards plan to collaborate on content, presentations and events in the months before and after – and we anticipate having much more to announce in the coming weeks. We will also be using the WorkBuzz platform to gather feedback from the event attendees.

The Employee Engagement Awards 2019 will be held on January 24, 2019 at Twickenham Stadium. The Employee Engagement Conference 2019 will be held on April 16, 2019 in London (venue TBC).

If you would like to learn more about WorkBuzz, please contact or call +44(0)333 446 530.

WorkBuzz Sets Goal to Improve The Working Lives of 1 Million People

Employee engagement consultancy, smith+henderson, today announced it has completed a rebrand initiative and will now be known as WorkBuzz. To celebrate the occasion, WorkBuzz invited the HR and employee engagement communities to a rebrand launch party held at its new Milton Keynes headquarters.

“When we asked 500+ HR professionals about their biggest challenges, in the State of Employee Engagement 2018 study, only 1 in 2 said they were satisfied with the results from their employee engagement surveys. I can’t think of any other industry in which a similar result would be acceptable,” said WorkBuzz CEO Steven Frost. “Too many organisations rely on annual employee surveys, which can’t keep up with their pace of change or employees’ rising expectations. We launched WorkBuzz to combine market-leading technology with the consultancy expertise that we have developed serving 120+ organisations .”

WorkBuzz enables forward-thinking companies to build great cultures by gaining regular, bite-sized feedback from their people. WorkBuzz then analyses this feedback in real-time and guides managers to make smarter people decisions and retain their best talent.

“We’re keeping the best parts of smith+henderson: the people as well as our flexible approach and expert support,” said Steven Frost. “And we have big plans – we aim to improve the working lives of 1 million people by 2022.”

WorkBuzz is trusted by hundreds of organisations, large and small, including The Royal British Legion, Hanson and O2.