Harness the power of employee engagement

Leaders in the construction industry face unique people challenges

  • Attracting and retaining people is a major obstacle within the sector as employee numbers have retracted over the past few years.
  • Building a brilliant employee experience is essential to retain your existing workforce, attract new people, build diversity, improve health and safety, and make a positive commercial impact for your business.
  • WorkBuzz is an employee engagement platform for doing just that – through regular, real-time feedback from your people.
  • Listen to your team. Understand concerns. Act on areas of improvement. Build a culture people thrive in.
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What's your biggest employee engagement challenge?

Your construction company is recruiting from smaller pool of people, meaning competition is fierce. WorkBuzz provides you with powerful employee insights to help you build an employee value proposition that attracts the best talent. It also equips you with the data to identify your most successful recruitment channels by ‘intent to stay’ and direct your resources accordingly.

Do you know where the biggest employee retention risks lie in your construction company? Using the WorkBuzz platform, you can gather real-time feedback through regular employee listening and identify where these triggers are hiding. Our expert consultancy team will help you translate the feedback into positive change and keep hold of those valued employees.

Construction isn’t a sector that’s typically seen as inclusive. By building a culture that supports and attracts a diverse workforce will give your organisation a more competitive edge. The WorkBuzz platform has dedicated ‘EDIB’ questions to understand employee perceptions of equality and diversity, and signal areas for improvement.

Every construction project comes with physical, mental and emotional hazards. Stretched workforces often lead to slips in safety procedures – leading to a rise in accidents, decreased employee engagement, higher staff turnover and increased costs. WorkBuzz offers best practice questions focussing on health and wellbeing, alongside benchmarking from similar organisations to understand your organisation’s performance.

Employee engagement and culture change needs to be championed at the highest level in your business and for this, you need clear and compelling data-driven strategy. WorkBuzz has experienced employee experience consultants who have already worked with construction companies and can help design your feedback strategy, ask the right questions and empower your leaders to drive culture change.

Achieve measurable business outcomes

We help put HR in the driver’s seat by linking employee engagement to business KPIs, so the whole organisation gets behind your decisions.


Increase in Employee Retention for HS2


Achieved Response Rate for Deskless Employees for Wedge


Increase in Employee Engagement for HS2


Decrease in
Minor Injuries for Stonbury

Trusted by construction organisations of all sizes

“WorkBuzz helped me define what we wanted employee experience to mean at HS2. They brought passion, extensive experience, and a very agile and intuitive employee engagement platform, giving us insights, in real time, at every stage of an employee’s experience journey with us. We now truly understand what makes our people tick. My normal range of HRMI is backwards looking reporting on what has happened, whereas our employee experience insights from WorkBuzz get us onto the front foot and keep us there.”

Neil Hayward
Former Chief People Officer, HS2 

How can we help you?

We built WorkBuzz with one thing in mind; to enable forward-thinking companies to build great company cultures by gaining regular, bite-sized feedback from their people. We’ve already supported several organisations in the construction sector to analyse their employee feedback, spot the gaps in their employee experience and guide their managers to make smarter people decisions.

We’d love to help you achieve your employee listening objectives too.

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Employee engagement in challenging times

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  • Learn how to manage and improve employee engagement — no matter what the outside world throws at you.
  • Read best practice and how to justify the cost to decision-makers, and hear from others who’ve used employee engagement to make a measurable impact on their organisations.
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