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What are employee engagement solutions?

Employee engagement solutions are a range of measures that employers can use to improve employee engagement. There are a variety of potential measures that employers can make to improve employee engagement. Ultimately, employee engagement solutions are about creating conditions that allow employees to thrive and give their best at work. This involves more than just making workers “happy.” It’s about helping employees own wellbeing, as well as maintaining a commitment to their work and to company values. Good employee engagement is based on a collaboration between employees and employers. It benefits both sides, and it is in both parties interests to understand and improve it.

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Why are employee engagement solutions important?

Engaged employees are more satisfied, productive, and committed to their employer. This has a direct financial impact. As the organisation and team performance improves, lower staff turnover rates will likely be the result.

Understanding employee engagement and improving their working environment is more important than ever. People are at the heart of organisations, so gaining insight into experiences brings many benefits for both employers and employees.


WorkBuzz is an employee experience platform that provides a fast, flexible and straightforward way for businesses to get employee feedback. The WorkBuzz platform provides employers with surveys and tools that can help them gauge how employees feel about work and the workplace. These insights can help companies implement data-driven changes, delivering measurable improvements and offering insight that can be used to develop solutions to address a wide range of workplace issues.

How can WorkBuzz help employers find solutions to employee engagement issues?


The employee engagement platform is there to help employers find out about their staff. Using WorkBuzz employee surveys can identify key factors that affect the day-to-day employee experience. When it comes to finding solutions to potential issues that affect employee engagement, employers can use this information to prioritise, which helps them focus on the most beneficial areas for change.


WorkBuzz offers a series of  best-practice templates for employee surveys. There is also space for organisations to customise questions to create questionnaires that aim to address topics that are specific to a certain department or industry. There are several different types of surveys. These include more extensive annual surveys, regular pulse surveys or short ad-hoc ones for specific needs.

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