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What are HR solutions?

There is no single definition of what an HR solution is because it is an umbrella term. That said, it is most widely used among human resources (HR) professionals to refer to any number of systems that are deployed to run the entirety of an employer’s interaction with its personnel.


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What types of HR solutions are there?


HR solutions could comprise a single package that covers everything from payroll to employee training whereas others might use a more modular approach with different software systems being deployed for different aspects of HR. In the main, HR solutions providers now provide software systems rather than paper-based ones since these provide the greatest degree of scalability and flexibility in the workplace today. However, some legacy systems – operating as part of a wider HR solution package – will not necessarily be in the form of software.


Consequently, the term HR solution can mean different things in different contexts. Many of the world’s largest companies will have a single package – or suite – of software that provides a one-stop-shop for the HR professionals who will use it. More often than not, this is why the term solution is used because it infers the singular approach that has been adopted. Nevertheless, the best and most practical HR solutions can be adapted to meet certain individual employer requirements and, what’s more, they will also often be able to interface seamlessly with third-party software. Such software might include bespoke staff training courseware, company-branded payslip software or even an online employee feedback platform.

What are the benefits of having an employee engagement platform as part of the  HR solution?

Without an HR solution, companies tend to have their employee information recorded in different places and in different ways. This will often mean that there is an inevitable level of inefficiency when managers and HR professionals wish to review any information or metrics that are employee-related. With a proper HR solution – even a modular one that is made up of separate, if connected, systems – firms are able to get the information they need more rapidly and with less cost. By gathering data on employees, their workloads, their pay and their absences – among other things – it becomes easier for employers to understand one of their major assets – their workers – better. In short, businesses that use HR solutions tend to be able to run more efficiently than those without them. Even better, they also provide some data that helps senior managers to make better-informed strategic and planning decisions.



What HR solutions do WorkBuzz offer?


WorkBuzz’s intuitive employee experience platform is a key part of any strategy that is designed to help better decisions to be taken about the direction a company will go in and what its organisational structure should look like. Whether companies tweak or radically alter their structures, the driver behind doing so is often down to the way in which people work with one another. In short, it is a question of deploying human resources in the most efficient manner. As such, understanding what workers, supervisors and middle managers think and feel about their work is a vital part of what any HR solution should offer.


The GDPR-compliant solutions provided by WorkBuzz produce datasets that can be integrated with many HR solutions. For example, although employee responses can be anonymised, the platform will work with employee databases and even payroll numbers to ensure that all workers are offered the opportunity to give feedback. Comments can be analysed in real-time even within very large organisations thanks to the use of artificial intelligence systems. Undertaking an employee feedback survey will often prove to be invaluable in an HR context because it will frequently lead to improved employee retention and, so long as the right decisions are made, fewer workflow blockages down the line, thereby significantly boosting productivity levels.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that the WorkBuzz employee questionnaires can be adapted to meet specific HR requirements. As well as the standard questions that might be put to employees, those relating to specific workplace issues can be added, ideal for any company that is already undergoing a change management process and wants to measure its progress, for example. As well as integrating with many HR solutions, our platform provides intuitive dashboards and the ability to export data securely to common software packages, such as PDF, Excel or PowerPoint.

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