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What is employee experience management?

Employee experience management is about understanding the journey of employees from application stage through to departing the company. Aspects of employee experience management are increasingly important for employers across a wide range of industries. This is largely because employees who have a positive experience at work are more productive, more engaged in their work and more likely to stay with their employer for longer periods of time. With the financial costs of losing employees so high and such a strong competition for talent, ensuring a positive employee experience (EX) in the workplace will help employers retain staff and help recruit new people, too.


Why should employers learn about their employees’ experiences?

How can employers manage employee experiences?

What can WorkBuzz do to help employers understand their employees’ experience?

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Why should employers try to learn about their employees’ experiences in the workplace?


There has been a lot of development in the fields of people analytics and people science in recent times. Various studies into EX show wide ranging benefits for employers and employees in organisations that actively find ways to ensure staff are happy and engaged.


Learning about employee experiences in the workplace can help employers understand how employees feel about their jobs. In any work environment, there can be many factors that influence overall productivity, as well as individual performance. Poor employee experience leads to employees being less engaged with their work. And employees who are not engaged, typically take more unplanned leave and absence. Their negative attitudes to work can also affect the people around them, which has knock-on impacts on staff morale and can even lead to a toxic work environment.


In contrast, happy employees are more engaged, more productive, and tend to stay with their employers for greater periods too. With this in mind, it is important to find ways to understand what is going on in the workforce from the perspective of the employee. That way, employers can manage the EX to help staff perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

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How can employers manage the employee experience?


There are many aspects to employee experience management, including employee health and wellbeing, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement. Personal and interpersonal factors are also at play in any work environment, so managing the employee experience can be difficult for employers who do not have a good understanding of their workforce and the dynamics between their people.


The first step when it comes to managing employee experience is to find out how employees feel about their work. How well do staff engage with their daily tasks? How do they feel about interactions with their managers and co-workers? Employers should also look to find out how employees regard things like career prospects and how satisfied they are with their remuneration packages.


Once employers understand the factors at play, they can make changes to try and improve aspects that may be negatively affecting the employee experience. It can be difficult to get a true understanding of EX and it is vital that organisations get honest feedback from employees. However, this can be difficult if employees feel worried about confidentiality.

What can WorkBuzz do to help employers assess employee experience?


It is important to know what aspects of the EX work well, in addition to identifying areas that could be improved. WorkBuzz can help employers gather the information they need directly from their employees via their flexible, agile, and simple employee engagement platform.


Employers need to have the right tools and information so that they can ask questions that will generate accurate and usable insights. The WorkBuzz platform gives organisations access to the right tools to get key information from employees that can be used to drive meaningful change.

Employees must be confident that their opinions matter and that their feedback is valued, so employee engagement surveys need to be designed to get reliable feedback about the workforce. When making any changes to the EX, post survey results, employers must ensure they feedback their reasonings to their employees. This demonstrates that their comments have been taken on board and will also help them to feel valued.


In addition to helping employers find out about their own company, WorkBuzz can also help organisations benchmark how well they perform in relation to other similar ones. This can be incredibly useful for improving the employee experience, as well as employer brand and overall productivity.


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