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What is an employee engagement survey?

An employee engagement survey is a way of gauging how people feel about their work and workplace. There are many styles of employee survey that can give insight into a wide range of things. However, it is important to make sure that surveys are designed and delivered in a way that provides meaningful insights.





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Why is employee engagement important?


Employee engagement can vary greatly in different industries and between different companies in the same industries too. However, it is well understood that poor employee engagement can have many negative impacts on business performance. It can lead to high staff turnover rates and low productivity. If employee engagement is low then there are direct implications for a company’s bottom line.


Many employees are not happy with their jobs or engaged with their work. There are a range of things that can contribute to poor staff engagement. General staff unhappiness can come about as a result of feeling undervalued or insecure at work. It could also be something as simple as employees not feeling that they are earning enough money for their work. Whatever the reasons for poor employee engagement, employers and HR managers today are rightly concerned about employee engagement.


Every employer should take steps to try and improve their company culture. This is because employees are generally more engaged when they are in an environment where they can develop. Most employers who have great working cultures attract and retain their staff, so keeping employees engaged and feeling like they belong can provide many benefits. A well-designed employee survey can help understand the level of employee engagement. It can also give insight as to what issues are causing poor staff engagement. Employers can use this information to implement data-driven measures that improve aspects that the survey results suggested were affecting employees.

What can employee engagement tell employers about employees?


An employee engagement survey is a crucial tool for any business in understanding how employees feel about the company and their jobs. For example, if employee morale has fallen, then an engagement survey can suggest why this may be happening. Without reliable information from staff, it is difficult to improve company culture and employer brand. This is where an accurate survey is helpful because it can help managers discover what needs changing.


WorkBuzz employee engagement surveys provide useful data that organisations can use to determine what to do next. If survey results suggest individuals are dissatisfied with their pay, a company might consider creating bonus incentives or examining whether it is possible to pay higher wages. Either of these measures could have a positive impact on employee engagement. Employee survey data can also help human resource departments evaluate whether they look at wider cultural issues within the organisation.

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What are the benefits of improving employee engagement?


There are a wide range of benefits to having an engaged workforce. Staff who are at engaged at work are more productive. They are also more likely to stay with a company longer and report better job satisfaction. Happy employees are also ambassadors for an employer and are likely to recommend their company to others. This is great for attracting new staff and customers.


Engaged employees are far more likely to go above and beyond for clients or customers. The goal of every company is to have a workforce that is enthusiastic about their job and cares about the quality of their work because this helps create a great customer experience.

How can employers use WorkBuzz to improve employee engagement?


Employees want to be heard! In the age of social media and online reviews, employees are voicing their opinions about past and present employers in a very public way. It’s essential for businesses to make sure they promote a good employer brand and that employees are satisfied with their jobs.

WorkBuzz employee engagement surveys allow companies to understand their people. It is possible to gain real insight and understanding into things like workplace morale and employee wellbeing and see what is really going on with their workforce.


Without this information, managers cannot determine whether or not their employees are happy with their jobs and satisfied at their place of work. Once they have that information, managers can take action by making data-driven changes to improve employee happiness and their employer brand.

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