What is an employee feedback survey?


An employee feedback survey is a business tool that helps employers and human resource managers to improve their organisation’s productivity. They work by allowing employees to honestly and confidentially express their thoughts and feelings about their workplace, giving senior executives valuable insights into what the workforce are thinking.


This can help shape their planning so that processes and business cultures can be adopted that better support employees in their work. As such, employees should feel happier in the workplace and more able to perform to the best of their abilities. This will lead to greater levels of productivity in the workplace and an improved workplace culture because employees feel they have been listened to and that their opinions are valued by their management team.





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Why is employee feedback important to survey?


Without up-to-date feedback from employees, senior managers are essentially operating in the dark, often guessing at the best measures to take to improve processes or to increase employee satisfaction. It is not unusual for employees to feel like they cannot express themselves directly to their line manager, especially if they are dissatisfied in some way. A confidential employee feedback survey overcomes this problem by asking members of staff to feedback their thoughts about their work more directly, which then exposes any issues. 


With a feedback survey, information can be gathered from all employees in an organisation, too. This way, employers will be able to get to grips with any particular trends that might be causing issues with recruitment and staff retention, for example. Sometimes surveying the entire workforce of an organisation can highlight issues that can subsequently be resolved with little time or expense. Without knowing about such problems, however, organisations will frequently continue to suffer from low productivity and high rates of staff turnover and the associated costs that go alongside them.


Furthermore, an employee feedback survey can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a company or sector. Conducting one doesn’t just mean being able to make better-informed strategic decisions going forwards but it will also provide a competitive edge over rival businesses that haven’t undertaken one.

What can employers learn from conducting an employee feedback survey?


By simply asking employees what they think about their work and the way they are asked to do their job, employers will be able to learn many things about the workforce and workplace culture. Some surveys may reveal high levels of employee satisfaction while others may reveal that the average employee feels undervalued. Typically, employee feedback surveys will show employers where the most attention should be focussed to get the best improvement.


In some cases, employers might learn that one department or division is more dissatisfied than others. The survey can give insights and show employers which aspects could benefit from further investigation. For example, there may be a manager in a particular department who could relate to teams in a more constructive manner, or it could also be the case that the remuneration package in that area of the business might not meet the current market rate. Organisations may discover that they have common problems across multiple areas of the business, which may have something more to do with the overall corporate culture.


Without employee feedback, it is difficult for human resource departments to properly evaluate whether they ought to address some of the wider cultural issues at the workplace. Only with accurate surveys will all the important things HR professionals need to know be revealed, whether they are good or bad.

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What are the benefits of employee feedback surveys?


As mentioned, employee feedback surveys are designed to reveal what workers feel about their roles and their employer. It is only with this sort of engagement with employees that organisations can take steps to achieve real positive change. Therefore, one of the most important organisational benefits of running an employee feedback survey is that it will help future planning. A well-designed survey can also help employers understand how employees feel in a way that can generate key metrics to work from and meaningful insights that can be used to drive change. 


Successful employee feedback surveys don’t just provide employers with the data they need to make better-informed decisions. They also allow employees to say what’s on their minds. As such, they will often feel listened to, better valued and more motivated. In turn, this will help to improve employee engagement, which has many benefits for employers.

How can WorkBuzz assist companies with employee feedback?


WorkBuzz can help employers understand their workforce and use employee feedback to make strategic decisions that drive future growth. The WorkBuzz employee experience platform is designed to get members of staff to share their experiences, and confidential surveys ensure employees are happy to provide honest feedback. This gives employers the tools to truly understand what they are doing right, and what can be improved. 

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