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What is an employee happiness survey?

An employee happiness survey is the best way to find out if employees are happy with their jobs and workplace environment. There are many different ways to gauge employee happiness, but a well-constructed survey will ask employees questions to give them a platform to express their experiences at work. This can really help to understand the level of employee happiness within an organisation and responses can help employers identify any areas that cause unhappiness, as well as key issues that need to be addressed to improve employee experiences.




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Why is employee happiness important?

When it comes to the people that make up an organisation, happiness extends beyond job security and salary. There are so many factors that can affect a person’s happiness, but when it comes to the workplace, it’s the little things that can make all the difference. For example, employees are more likely to be happy at work if they feel seen and people know their name. They will also be more content if they feel that their work matters, their contributions are valued, and their opinions are listened to and acted upon. Employee happiness also reflects satisfaction with the company’s values (e.g., the overarching company goals or the business policy on diversity and inclusion) and career development opportunities, as well as respect for management style and satisfaction with company perks. Happy employees enjoy the work they do, their workplace, and their colleagues.

Happy employees create a pleasant and positive workplace culture. Studies have shown that when organisations have happy employees, the company thrives. Improving employee happiness can result in several beneficial aspects, such as higher productivity, increased loyalty, lower absenteeism, better staff retention and improved employer branding. All of these factors positively feedback into each other and have various benefits for employers. Happy employees are typically more organised, more creative, more efficient and produce a higher volume of work than unhappy employees. They usually speak positively about the company and help bring in more business. Reducing sick days and staff turnover also saves your business money.

How can employee happiness be improved?

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are a variety of ways that employee happiness can be improved. Allowing your employees to have time to bond socially or have regular tea breaks and lunches can create a sense of community within an organisation. In this sense, forming close workplace friendships improves employee engagement and staff retention, and also helps people to enjoy their time at work.

Ensuring employees can achieve a good work-life balance is another important factor that can really impact employee happiness. Everybody needs time to go about their personal lives and take care of themselves and their family. It can be good to encourage employees to take time off and ensure they look after their own health and wellbeing too as this will improve their engagement with work and general productivity.

Rewarding employees for their hard work is also a great thing to do regularly. Rewards do not have to be anything more than recognition for a job well done. But offering incentives and giving people the opportunity to get more for the work that they do can also be great to improve happiness and productivity.

Ultimately, the first thing that employers should do when trying to improve employee happiness is to find out what makes their employees unhappy. Asking staff to give their feedback may not always give employers the best information, however, so finding ways to understand workplace issues is a must for any organisation wishing to improve staff happiness and morale.

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How can WorkBuzz employee happiness surveys help employers improve engagement?

Workplace surveys are a great way to increase employee happiness in themselves as they help your workforce express their views and opinions in a constructive way. There are many ways to get information from employees, but asking the right questions in the right format can give employers usable insights. With this in mind, finding a good set of questions is fundamental. That being said, it is also key to have a framework to analyse responses to make sure any decisions that are made as a result of the survey are made using data from the survey.

WorkBuzz employee happiness surveys are designed to garner real insights. Our employee happiness surveys produce meaningful results that can then be used to drive positive change. We provide an online cloud-based platform for conducting employee surveys. The platform is very quick to set up and allows you to ask prescriptive questions from a library, as well as create custom questions that are specifically about your organisation. Once employees have completed their surveys, the results are presented in an intuitive dashboard. From here, employers can assess results, work out areas for improvement and find ways to improve employee happiness.

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