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What is an employee satisfaction survey?

Employee satisfaction surveys are one of the most important tools employers can use to understand their employees’ general levels of engagement in the workplace. A well designed employee questionnaire can give management a great deal of insight which can be used to guide decisions to either maintain high levels of employee satisfaction, or make changes to improve the workplace.

Why is employee satisfaction important?

How does employee satisfaction affect productivity?

What are the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys?

How WorkBuzz employee satisfaction surveys can help improve employee engagement

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Why is employee satisfaction important?


Employee satisfaction is important because levels of satisfaction in the workforce can have a direct impact on productivity, employee engagement, and employer branding. Employers should prioritise employee satisfaction to ensure they are getting the most from their staff. They should also recognise the wider benefits of a satisfied workforce, as employers with happy employees typically find it easier to retain staff and attract new ones when needed. With this in mind, ensuring existing staff are satisfied with things like their working conditions, salary, and the relationships with their team leaders/ management, will provide wider benefits to an organisation.

How does employee satisfaction affect productivity?


Employee satisfaction is one aspect that can affect productivity, but it is directly relevant to other areas of employee experiences too. The fields of people science are developing rapidly as more organisations begin to recognise the importance of maintaining a great employer brand, keeping their employees health and wellbeing front of mind, and ensuring they take steps to keep employees engaged with their work.


Dissatisfied and unengaged employees are more likely to take time off sick, more likely to look for other opportunities, and less likely to go above and beyond the call of duty. There is also a lot of evidence to show that quality of work drops when employees are not satisfied with their working lives. Therefore, taking measures to keep employees happy and satisfied will have far reaching benefits for productivity. If employees are satisfied, they will feel more motivated and focused, and they will make use of their time at work more effectively. Additionally, satisfied employees won’t want to find another job elsewhere. They will be more motivated to work harder with better precision and, ultimately, be more valuable to an organisation.

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What are the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys?


An employee satisfaction survey can be a powerful tool for employers to learn about their workforce; however, employee questionnaires need to be designed in such a way that they generate honest and relevant feedback.


A well-designed employee survey should help employers to find out key information and insights that can then be used to drive positive change. Asking the right questions about how people feel about key aspects of their day-to-day work can identify areas for improvement. For example, learning from employees about their experiences on the job could highlight areas to improve or refine a particular process or procedure. It is often the people who perform tasks every day who will be able to find more effective and efficient ways to go about their job.


It is important for employers to identify individuals who perform well in their roles, as well as finding people who want to develop their careers within the organisation. If a respondent highlights a desire to progress within a company or pursue further training to help them in their role, then employers can concentrate efforts further on developing those employees who will add value over the long term.


It is important for employers to know what they are doing correctly too. Knowing what areas can essentially be left to run themselves allows an organisation to spend more time and resources on making impactful changes on areas that can’t. In this sense, an employee satisfaction survey can help employers avoid making changes that will have a negative impact on staff engagement and give them the confidence to implement measures that will have a positive effect on productivity. A well-designed questionnaire can also help employers identify individuals who perform especially well in their roles and find key people who want to develop their careers further. If a respondent highlights a desire to progress within a company or pursue further training in a specific area to help them in their role, then employers can concentrate efforts on developing employees who will add value over the longer term.

How can WorkBuzz employee satisfaction surveys help improve employee engagement?


WorkBuzz’s employee engagement platform is a simple, flexible, and confidential surveying tool. Instead of using standard lines of questioning that have typically appeared in conventional employee questionnaires, WorkBuzz applies people science logic to create interactive surveys that produce insightful, usable data. By using the WorkBuzz employee engagement platform, employers can develop bespoke surveys that focus on issues that are important to their organisation specifically. The survey feedback is then presented and analysed in a format that produces actionable, easy-to-understand insights. These insights are then used to change aspects that truly matter to employees.


If employers are looking to improve an aspect like employee engagement, they need to get a true understanding of how employees engage with each other and the various parts of their jobs. WorkBuzz’s employee satisfaction surveys are designed to give HR and business managers meaningful insights by asking the right questions. The results from respondents can then be used to either maintain aspects that are already working well, or promote change in areas that require improvement. In order to get robust insight from employees, the people who are responding to the surveys need to have confidence that their voices will be heard and that they can give honest feedback without reprisal. Once employers begin to make changes, it is important to relay information about the decision-making process to demonstrate to employees that they are acting on the confidential feedback they received.


Using WorkBuzz’s employee satisfaction surveys can improve employee experiences and, ultimately, improve productivity. They can also help benchmark performance in relation to competitors or similar organisations in the same space, which can help a company compare things like salaries, perks, and employee experience.


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