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What is an employee wellbeing survey?

Employee wellbeing surveys are a tried and tested business tool that allows employers to establish just how well, or otherwise, their workforce is at any given moment. They can provide snapshots of the physical and mental wellbeing of all the employees within a company which means that senior managers and decision-makers are better placed to take steps to improve the overall wellbeing of all workers. Sometimes very effective measures can be decided upon that will improve the wellbeing of staff in the workplace. However, it is only when you truly understand your current situation with workforce wellbeing that you are able to make the right decisions. Essentially, an employee wellbeing survey provides the quantitative data that is invaluable in such decision-making processes.





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Why is it important to survey employee wellbeing?

Businesses, charities and other organisations that do not invest in their employees’ wellbeing will see a number of problems developing over time. For example, workplaces that have too great a level of stress will often suffer from higher than average levels of burnout, something that can affect productivity greatly. There again, if the physical environment of a workplace isn’t conducive to employee wellbeing, absenteeism due to sickness is likely to go up, again a cause of disruption for normal business operations.


Of course, surveying your employees’ sense of wellbeing will also allow you to better understand how members of staff feel about your company. Perhaps they lack motivation, feel undervalued or even consider you to be a bad employer? All of these things can cause numerous business costs in terms of recruitment and retention. More widely, a poor wellbeing reputation can affect your brand image, something that is particularly problematic among businesses that sell products and services to consumers. By surveying your employees’ wellbeing, you will be able to see the current state of your employee’s wellbeing from their perspective, thereby enhancing the chances of being able to take the right steps to improve it where necessary.

How does an employee wellbeing survey offer a good return on investment?


Firstly, the costs involved with an online employee wellbeing survey are not as great as you might imagine. Surveys can be conducted by your teams without any significant disruption to their usual workloads because they do not take long to complete. This is in stark contrast to paper-based surveys or those that are conducted by managers in face-to-face meetings with junior members of staff. However, the return on investment senior managers can expect really comes down to the sorts of decisions that can be taken directly as a result of the information they provide.

With the right sort of data gathered from an employee wellbeing survey, you can start to reduce business costs almost immediately. Any wellbeing measure you might take will help to retain employees that might otherwise leave. Indeed, simply by taking part in a survey of this type, many employees will feel better valued and be willing to stay in their posts as they know the senior management is committed to improving wellbeing issues overall. In turn, this means less recruitment and all of the associated costs involved. Furthermore, productivity is likely to receive a significant boost as members of staff feel better treated, less stressed out and more motivated. In many cases, staff absenteeism rates will also drop a great deal as workplace wellbeing improves.


Can employee wellbeing surveys help change corporate cultures?

Yes, they can to an extent. Of course, surveys on their own don’t necessarily mean any shifts in workplace cultures will occur but they set the right tone for the sort of decision-making that is to come. Many organisations that do not have great reputations for looking after the wellbeing of their staff beyond the basic health and safety laws will benefit from a change in perceptions about the way they are run when they conduct wellbeing surveys. More widely, engaging with wellbeing in an anonymised way helps people to open up about their thoughts and feelings surrounding work. This can make for a very positive shift in numerous corporate cultures, especially among those where wellbeing issues have been neglected in the past.

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How can WorkBuzz assist companies with employee wellbeing surveys?

At WorkBuzz, our employee wellbeing survey platform is at the cutting edge of both technology and modern human resources practices today. Because we make use of a secure online platform to gather information from staff that is anonymised, employees can reveal their thoughts and feelings about their wellbeing in a totally honest way. Certain taboos continue to persist in many areas of wellbeing including how people feel able to discuss their mental health, their levels of workplace stress and their level of workplace absence, for example. Rather than asking middle managers to establish what the workplace’s wellbeing is and obtaining qualitative data that may not be particularly useful, our platform is able to provide much more insightful information across the board.


At WorkBuzz, our surveys are put together in a tailored way to address the specific wellbeing needs of different organisations. We will make use of our ‘best practice’ question library so that all the relevant aspects of wellbeing are fully addressed. However, these can be combined with any specific questions you might want to know the answers to. For example, if your business runs in shift patterns, wellbeing issues associated with such working practices can be included. As such, we will forge a tailored employee wellbeing survey that focuses on every aspect of health and wellbeing that pertains to your sector.


Responses to the wellbeing survey will then be quantified in ways that make them easy to digest. This means being able to discover actionable insights that you can use to drive change in the areas of wellbeing that matter most to your organisation’s workforce. Furthermore, we can help with benchmarking exercises so you can better understand where your business is compared to others.

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