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What is workplace culture?


Workplace culture is the character of a company. It encompasses all of the principles, traditions, values, attitudes and behaviours of an organisation and how these contribute to the environment employees experience at work on a day-to-day basis. Clearly there can be a variety of different elements that make up workplace culture, and much of it comes down to simply how employees feel working at, and being part of, the company. A healthy and positive culture can bring many, many benefits to both employees and employers.




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Why workplace culture matters to employers


Workplace culture is vital for companies to get right. Great culture in the workplace helps companies attract and retain top talent. Reducing employee turnover is a key priority for many companies, and culture is a big part of this. It will also boost the reputation of the company, which is important for both new hires and company brand.


These employees will also perform better in an environment they are happy with. The right workplace culture helps employees’ wellbeing and happiness. This has a positive effect on productivity. Positive and satisfied employees are more likely to be engaged and perform at their best.


Employees are also more likely to have a positive outlook on their work and feel valued when they are experiencing a positive workplace culture. This will boost overall morale and individual and team performance. High performing teams are more effective and efficient and will push company productivity and growth.

How can employers improve workplace culture?


Creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture should be a priority for every employer. There are no hard and fast rules for improving workplace culture, but there are things employers can do to promote a positive workplace culture.


Start with the right leadership and management

How a company is managed has a big impact on its culture. This includes not just the people who lead the company, their vision and decision making, but also how employees are treated and empowered. Having systems and procedures in place to support management is important too.


Promote better communication

Communication is vital – from leadership, with management and within teams. Regular and clear communication and appropriate channels for discussion are important.


Create clear company policies

All employees should know what is expected of them, how performance is measured, and what the criteria for promotion are. This helps understanding of role and position and also creates a fair work environment.


Create the right work environment

Workspace, facilities, common areas and even decoration are a big part of the culture in many workplaces. Having a comfortable, welcoming and engaging work environment helps to create a positive culture. With the shift to hybrid and home working, this is still very relevant. Companies should look at how they support out of office working environments and comfort too.


Focus on people

The people you hire directly affects workplace culture. When hiring new employees, consider how their values, behaviours, and skills will fit with the current company culture.


Promote diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion offer numerous benefits to employers. Employees that feel included and accepted are more comfortable at work and better connected to their colleagues. This dynamic is great for team performance, with closer collaboration and higher productivity and innovation as an outcome.

Find Out How WorkBuzz Can Help 

How can Workbuzz help employers change or improve workplace culture?


Culture differs between companies, but it can also vary within companies too. There are so many different elements that make up workplace culture, but in terms of employee experiences, it simply comes down to how employees feel about their employer.


The first step to improving working culture is understanding the company’s current culture. The best way to do this is to investigate how current employees really feel about their experiences in the workplace. WorkBuzz can help employers gather this information from their staff with a workplace culture survey.


Asking the right questions in a workplace culture survey is vital. WorkBuzz offers template and a question library that can give employers real insight into how staff feel about their workplace experiences. Employee surveys could generate a variety of responses from individuals taking part. WorkBuzz offers a flexible, simple to use, and confidential employee engagement platform which allows employers to analyse this information easily and effectively. It is possible to analyse survey results to identify areas that are on track and areas where change is needed. Visit the employee experience platform page for more information.

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