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WorkBuzz online community reaches 100 members

By 7 April 2022July 1st, 2022No Comments

We are delighted to have reached over 100 members in our new online community – the Employee Experience (EX) Hub!

The EX Hub launched on February 16th with the goal of helping people professionals with improving the overall employee experience and elevating the role of HR.

It has succeeded to become a safe place for HR and people professionals to learn and networking in. Those who join our free community have access to:

  • Free courses, webinars and learning materials
  • Expert advice on how to improve the employee experience
  • The latest industry news and trends
  • A network of HR professionals to connect and share challenges and triumphs with
  • The means to improving culture in the workplace

Who is in the EX Hub?

The EX Hub is not just a place for WorkBuzz customers. It’s for any people professional looking to make an even bigger difference to the working lives of employees. It’s also the ideal place to help these individuals solve any challenges they are currently facing in their HR roles.

Members can connect and learn from each other’s experiences whilst also finding out how to make an even bigger impact in their organisation through continued learning in some of the most important topics in HR right now such as wellbeing, employee experience, EDIB (equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging) and recruitment and retention, through the community’s offering of webinars, articles, and courses.

WorkBuzz’s Content and Community Manager, Katy Jackson, said:

“We’re so delighted with the positive feedback we’ve been receiving about our new online community. I am personally thrilled we have now reached 125 members! Our goal is to keep on growing the platform so we can continue, as a business, to spread the word on the importance of employee experience and the entire employee lifecycle.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Employee Experience Hub, simply follow the link or sign up for free today to join the conversation.

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