Onboarding surveys – A quick guide

Onboarding surveys help HR teams and line managers gain feedback from new starters during their induction period, and beyond. But what are the benefits of issuing onboarding surveys? And what happens if your onboarding process is poorly run? Read on to find out!

What are onboarding surveys?

Onboarding surveys enable HR departments to gain feedback during the induction period for new employees – when they’re being ‘onboarded’.

Onboarding surveys gain feedback on:

  • The recruitment process
  • How settled employees feel within their team
  • Whether employees have the appropriate resources to do their job
  • Whether they’re clear on the expectations and responsibilities of their role
  • Whether they’re considering leaving
  • Whether they’d recommend your organisation as a great place to work

Why should you issue onboarding surveys?

According to research, 33% of new hires quit their role within the first six months. This is costly to any business, especially when you consider the time that goes into onboarding new starters – not to mention recruitment fees.

Onboarding really is a make-or-break situation, so listening to where you can make improvements in the ‘new starter’ period is crucial.

What are the other benefits of onboarding surveys?

By measuring the experience of your new starters with an onboarding survey, you can understand how well your onboarding process is working, get ahead of any potential issues, and action any improvements that should be made – reducing employee churn during the first six months.

This not only saves your organisation time and money, but also minimises any disruption to the workflow – which could end up impacting customers.

A strong onboarding process will also strengthen your ability to recruit quality future talent, as new hires may recommend your organisation as a great place to work.

Onboarding surveys can also offer insights on the recruitment process. They help you understand which channels are the most effective, and where you can improve to streamline the process for future hires.

What happens if your onboarding process is poorly run?

An onboarding process that’s poorly run, or not properly planned, can alienate new hires and make them feel unwelcome.

This can lead to employees feeling like they’ve made a mistake, and with the impression your organisation is badly managed. It’s important to put measures in place to understand where the issues lie, and then act on them.

How can you issue onboarding surveys?

Onboarding and exit surveys are available on our WorkBuzz Premium plan. You can quickly and easily issue customised onboarding and exit surveys – alongside your regular pulse and annual surveys – to both new starters and those exiting the business.

By having all your employee feedback from onboarding, engagement and exit surveys on one single platform, you’ll benefit from an improved and consistent experience for your employees. This will also simplify reporting and allow you to easily analyse data across different surveys – so you can spot any trends or areas of concern.

Read more about onboarding (and exit) surveys here.

Why lifecycle surveys matter

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