Employee analysis – A quick guide

Employee analysis is [CHANGE COPY]. But what exactly is employee analysis? Why should you use employee analysis? And, what benefits does it bring to an organisation?

What is employee analysis?

Employee analysis is the process of analysing the information you’ve collected through your employee surveys, to determine how your workforce feels about your organisation.

Why should you use employee analysis?

Running employee surveys to gather information is important, but employee analysis is the crucial next step to understanding – and addressing – sentiment across your organisation.

What are the other benefits of employee analysis?

Analysing your employee surveys helps you understand how your people are feeling – and can cover everything from their relationship with their manager, to personal development and what they think of their day-to-day job.

What happens if you don’t use employee analysis?

If you’re not analysing your employee data, you’re not closing the employee engagement loop. You can have the most detailed feedback from your workforce, but if you’re not analysing that data to spot trends and challenges, you’re missing all the important, actionable things that come out of employee surveys.

How can you use employee analysis?

WorkBuzz pulls all your feedback from employee surveys into a single, easy-to-use dashboard – so you can see where your organisation is excelling, and where there’s room for improvement. Our platform is built for busy managers, not data scientists, with intuitive features and unrivalled flexibility.

WorkBuzz Plus and WorkBuzz Premium also include Text Analytics, our AI module that provides instant analysis and key topics from open comments and free-text questions – saving you time without compromising on insights.

You can explore more about the WorkBuzz platform here.

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David Wilkinson, Human Resources DirectorPremier Foods
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Lots of HR tech companies talk a good game, but turn out to be much less flexible in practice. WorkBuzz are an exception in the employee experience space.

Neil Hayward, Former HR DirectorHS2

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