Employee insights – A quick guide

Employee insights provide organisations with specific data sets which allow them to make informed decisions on key business changes. But why are employee insights important? What are the benefits of employee insights? And how can these insights be gathered?

What are employee insights?

Employee insights refers to data that helps your organisation understand your workforce – such as the information gathered through regular employee surveys.

Why are employee insights important?

Employee insights help you to understand your workforce better, helping you make more data-driven people decisions, and manage change better. Employee insights are always more valuable and meaningful if they’re looked at and actioned on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of employee insights?

Employee insights will help your organisation create a better, stronger workplace culture. And, by enhancing your understanding of the workforce, you can learn more about what’s going well, what you can do better, and the things that really aren’t working.

All that helps you can make the necessary changes to your organisation, which will benefit employee retention rates, engagement, and satisfaction.

What is the outcome of poor employee insights?

It’s vital to undertake employee research correctly, frequently, and with the right questions. Otherwise, your employee insights will be unreliable, and typically meaningless.

This will cause your organisation to make inefficient decisions and actions that will not yield the results that you set out to achieve, leading to a potential higher turnover of unengaged staff

How can employee insights be gathered?

Employee insights can be collated by undertaking employee engagement surveys. A good survey engagement provider will ensure your strategy includes onboard and exit surveys, pulse surveys and quarterly surveys, helping you understand your people in as much detail as possible.

WorkBuzz’s employee engagement software offers a flexible, simple-to-use survey tool that allows you to gather feedback on the things impacting your business.

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