Lifecycle surveys

What are lifecycle surveys?

Lifecycle surveys help leaders to gain a better understanding of the employee journey within their organisation at various stages. By capturing real-time feedback during pivotal moments like onboarding and when employees are exiting the business, organisations can identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement, helping to develop a more robust engagement and retention strategy.

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What lifecycle surveys can give feedback on

By collecting feedback on key moments, employee lifecycle surveys empower organisations to make data-driven decisions that improve the overall employee experience, boost engagement, and enhance retention rates. Some examples of what lifecycle surveys can give feedback on include:

  • The recruitment process
  • How settled employees feel within their team
  • Whether employees have the appropriate resources to do their job
  • Whether they’d recommend your organisation as a great place to work
  • Why employees decided to leave your organisation
  • What the organisation could have done differently
  • Whether your employees felt valued

“Onboarding and exit surveys have proven to be a valuable resource, enabling us to gather insights from employees at different touch points of the employee lifecycle. The most notable outcome has been the reassessment of our onboarding process, with a particular focus on new hires located outside of our head office in London. The feedback received has been instrumental in identifying areas for improvement.”

Stevie Stowell, People and Sustainable Culture Analyst, Foresight

Why lifecycle surveys matter

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