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Driving culture and engagement through internal communications

According to Gallagher’s State of the Sector 2022/23, 74% of respondents state that the purpose of internal communications is to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and energised.

But with numerous reports stating that up to two thirds of employees feel disengaged from their workplace, how can communications professionals build successful engagement strategies, particularly across distributed workforces?

This webinar with Gallagher is a thought-provoking discussion that will empower you to support a more connected and inclusive workplace.

The key topics we explore include:

  • The alignment of Human Resources and Internal Communications
  • How to engage the disengaged, including remote and deskless workers
  • How to demonstrate ROI for internal communications and culture change

Panel guests:

Sharn Kleiss, Employee Experience Strategy Lead

Drew Munn, Future Impact Advisor

Hosted by:

Melisaan Foster, Chief Experience Officer

About Gallagher

Gallagher’s Employee Communication Practice helps employers to engage, motivate, inspire and retain their people. From transforming workplace cultures to championing the physical, emotional, career and financial wellbeing of employees, everything they do is designed to elevate every aspect of the employee experience and foster organisational wellbeing.

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