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Employee Engagement Masterclass – 29th September 2021

29h September, 2021
London – Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue
08:30am – 12:3pm.
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Join senior HR leaders from top brands for an interactive half-day Masterclass designed to showcase the latest strategies, tools, tech, and trends in Employee Engagement. Benefit from quick-fire thought leadership presentations and participate in interactive roundtable discussions. Here’s your chance to update your knowledge, network with other leaders, and address your employee engagement challenges!

In association with Masterclassing, John Backhouse, WorkBuzz’s Head of People Science, will be presenting at the Employee Engagement Masterclass on the 29th September.

John’s expert presentation will provide attendees with key insights from our recent State of Employee Engagement Research (with HrZone).

There will be a keynote presentation from Charlotte Cane, Senior People Advisor, Love Crafts. Speakers from Bupa, Virgin Pulse, The Happiness Index and My Kinda Future will also be presenting.

More information can be found here:

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