Confidentiality Promise

WorkBuzz enables you to provide confidential feedback to help your organisation become a better place to work. At all times, you will remain anonymous so you can give honest feedback.

To protect your confidentiality, we take the following measures:

1. No employee or manager can view your individual answers – these are merged with those of your colleagues. For example, 70% of the Accounts team get regular feedback on their performance.

2. We never break down results for any groups or teams with fewer than five people (or higher if agreed with your organisation). If a group has fewer than five people, their feedback will still count – it will be rolled up into the next level of your organisation’s structure:

3. Nobody can see your full response. HR for example, can only see the aggregate responses, like 26 out of 30 for Department A responded to this question:


4. The qualitative comments that elaborate on a response are reported verbatim but, as above, they are not linked to your other feedback in the survey. The only way you could be identified is if you make a highly personal or situational comment, like “Since I joined the company on 5 December in the accounts team…”

5. Demographic questions (i.e., How long have you worked here) may be asked to help understand how different groups feel across the organisation. If there are fewer than five people in any group, we will not show the results of that group in order to protect their confidentiality.

6. If you do not have an email address, you may be given a ‘Kiosk’ code to enter when completing the survey. This helps ensure nobody completes the survey twice and no feedback is shared in any way which enables your organisation to identify you.

7. We stand behind our confidentiality promise, but if there are any threats, abusive or criminal comments, we may review the comments on a case-by-case basis and may reveal the identity of the respondent if appropriate.

8. If you have responded to more than 60% of the questions in any WorkBuzz survey and you close the survey window, either intentionally or accidentally, your feedback will be automatically submitted and included within the results for the company.

We do take survey confidentially very seriously. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how we protect your confidentiality, please contact us directly at:

Go here to see how we protect your feedback in our Lifecycle Surveys.

The following video explains the confidentiality promise: