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Why partner with WorkBuzz now?

#1 Demand There’s been a huge amount of change in the world since the pandemic. HR professionals have a lot of challenges, including remote working, staff shortages, a cost-of-living crisis, The Great Resignation, and quiet quitting culture.

#2 Action The world needs to listen effectively to people and then be brave enough to take action on the insights they provide.

#3 Change By joining forces with expert service partners across regions, industries and much more, we can help change the working lives of our customers’ people.

#4 Impact Partnering with WorkBuzz will help you prove the impact you are making on your customer base, elevating how you are perceived by your customers and prospects.

#5 Growth WorkBuzz can help you achieve your customer retention targets, win new opportunities and ultimately grow YOUR business.


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What's the solution?

A flexible employee engagement platform, and expert people consultancy services. Which is where WorkBuzz comes in.

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Flexible surveys, instant feedback, and intuitive manager dashboards for a tailored service, with a partner to help you ask the right questions, inspire action, and make smarter people decisions.


Confidentiality Promise

WorkBuzz enables confidential feedback to help customer organisations become a better place to work. Respondents remain anonymous at all times, so you can give and gather honest feedback.

Speed and Ease

WorkBuzz consumes, segments, and helps customers act on employee experience insights in real-time – no more time-draining spreadsheet admin!

The Game Changer

When employees are heard and see that their organisation is being proactive and reactive to feedback, it enables organisations to deliver a better employee experience.

Delivering measurable business results


Proven to improve the employee experience and employee engagement, and increase profitability
Increase in Employee Retention
Increase in response rate and 15% increase in customer satisfaction
Saving in retention

What are the benefits for your business?

Select your specialism to discover how partnering with WorkBuzz will bring you success.


Can you show your customers how your reward and recognition programme is impacting their employees?

Partner with WorkBuzz to help your customer base measure your company’s impact on employee engagement.

We’ll also give you all the insights you need to prompt more use by your customers – meaning better customer retention and growth for your business.

Do your customers have challenges with employee churn?

Imagine being able to support them with unique data on the candidates you place, as well as the wider workforce, to help them strategically plan recruitment for the future.

With recruitment predicted to slow during recession, you can elevate the value you add to your clients and boost your bottom line.

Partnering with WorkBuzz will allow your customer base to better understand their candidate and employees. From the onboarding experience, to flight risks, you can support them with all their talent and people challenges. 

Change the perception of your brand and show you care about the S in ESG.
From people insights to help you assess investment opportunities, to employee engagement trends, WorkBuzz gives you the human capital data you need.
People and employee engagement is rightly becoming more important and something on every board’s agenda.
Partnering with WorkBuzz gives you the insights you need to prove your impact as an existing or potential investor.
Why do the heavy lifting when you can focus on more meaningful and more profitable actions?
If you are already using employee listening tools within your client projects for data insights, you know there are a wealth of solutions available.
WorkBuzz plays in the top tier of employee engagement platforms, but at a much lower price point. Partnering with WorkBuzz means you can conduct your customer employee research with favourable profit margins.
Added to this, WorkBuzz offers People Science training and framework services for partners and 90% of our customer base are open to additional strategic support from our solution partners.

Improve engagement at your organisation

We’d love to understand what you’re looking to achieve, the challenges you want to solve, and – most importantly – how we can help