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ACT - Employee Engagement Action Planning Tool

Unlock the Power and Benefits of Action Planning with our proven People Science Methodology

Screenshot of the WorkBuzz action planning software

What is Action Planning and ACT?

We know that employees want to feel heard, but just listening isn't enough — they expect you to take action. Unfortunately, this can
prove costly and time-consuming when you don't know what to do or where to start. That's where ACT comes in.

Backed by our People Science Methodology, our action planning software analyses data and quickly prioritises the areas to address to make the
biggest impact. By transforming employee feedback into actionable insights, you're able to build a foundation based on trust
— and a culture you can be proud of.

Why is Action Planning Important?

Disengaged employees are not only unhappy, they're less productive. This can have a devastating impact on your culture, customer
experience and bottom line. In fact, Gallup Research shows that disengaged employees exhibit 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity,
and 15% lower profitability and they can cost a company between 18-34% of their annual salary.

ACT gives employers a clear blueprint for implementing change, and employees the confidence to contribute continuous feedback — two vital characteristics of a safe, positive and productive company and culture.

The Benefits of Action Planning


Listening ROI

  • Demonstrate listening
  • Empower employees
  • Invite feedback
  • Evidence change


  • Achieve objectives
  • Identify challenges
  • Flag outliers


  • Set SMART goals
  • Monitor Progress


  • Improve Productivity
  • Retain and attract talent
  • Improve engagement

Benefits of ACT for HR teams



  • Action where it matters: Save time and optimise your workflow with auto-generated Individual Action Plans (IAPs) that can be created for People Managers within seconds.

  • Create a continuous feedback loop: Avoid the pitfall of survey fatigue by swiftly acting on feedback. ACT simplifies this process by identifying and prioritising the areas for action and minimising the need for manual intervention from HR teams.

Benefits of ACT for Team Managers

  • Personalised focus areas and action plans: Empower and engage your managers with actionable insights tailored to their team's specific challenges. This not only offers them targeted insights, but also the support they need to drive meaningful change.

  • Easily pinpoint areas to action: Take the guesswork out of prioritisation. ACT's focus areas and our built-in 'Action Library', provide strategies and initiatives that are relevant to each individual area of business.

Benefits of ACT for Leadership Teams

  • Drive ROI from your engagement efforts: Increase engagement levels and reduce staff turnover by creating a continuous feedback loop with ACT.
  • Visible business improvement: Accelerate staff development, retain and attract top talent, and ensure teams have the necessary skills and support to drive performance and growth.

How does ACT work?

Using our People Science methodology, ACT analyses the survey results for each department and identifies
the three most likely to have a positive and negative impact on engagement. People Managers can log into their own
dashboard to view these focus areas and leverage our ‘Best practice’ library to create their custom Action Plans.


1. Driving change with easy to use, modern action plans

  • Close the feedback loop on listening and demonstrate you have heard your employee's voice.
  • An action plan for every people leader in your organisation
  • Follows our proven People Science led approach to action planning


2. Automated focus areas - guiding your people leaders on what really matters

  • WorkBuzz recommends where your leaders should focus
  • Highlights the top priorities based on survey results
  • Create measurable goals directly from the focus areas

3. Action Library - best practice on how you drive change

  • Library of best practice actions
  • Realistic and achievable actions that are proven to work
  • Bite-sized. Perfect for busy, often  deskless people leaders

Dashboard-ACT4. Dashboards – Single pane of glass of what’s happening in your organisation

  • Macro view of the business
  • Automatically flag of outliers and high or low performers
  • Pinpoint common themes and popular goals.

What is Action Planning? - Our Methodology

What does an action plan look like? Hear from John Backhouse, our Head of People Science, on how we approach action planning.


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