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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Understand your teams' biggest challenges around job happiness with our employee satisfaction survey software.

The opinions and happiness of your employees has a large and direct impact on the performance of your company. If your staff aren't happy, it's very likely that they won't be performing at their best, and your company performance will drop with it. And the best way to really find out the opinions of your everyday heroes and how they're feeling? Ask them! By running a work satisfaction questionnaire to your entire workforce, you can truly understand what they need, and the positive impacts you can make that will ultimately help drive your business forward.

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What Are Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

An employee or staff satisfaction survey (sometimes also referred to as a job happiness or employee opinion survey), is a listening tool that enables your business to lift the lid on morale within your organisation. By asking your workforce a series of closed or open questions via a survey, your business can find out the current state of play around your employees' current satisfaction levels, and what needs they have going forwards.

Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Boost the morale and happiness levels of your employees
  • Can help reduce costly attrition and staff turnover
  • Can improve productivity and employee advocacy
  • Helps in measuring employee satisfaction

The WorkBuzz Satisfaction Survey Platform

Example of the WorkBuzz satisfaction survey on a mobile phone

Simple & Flexible

  • Reach your frontline workers, wherever they are with surveys that are accessible across all devices
  • Quickly launch satisfaction surveys using an extensive library of best practice templates and question banks
  • Add bespoke satisfaction related questions to suit your organisation
Screenshot of the WorkBuzz satisfaction survey dashboard with analytics

Analytics & Dashboards

  • Intuitive dashboards designed for frontline managers
  • Get access to the information you need, quickly
  • AI driven insights help you to interpret the data and results from the surveys
  • Compare to previous surveys to see where improvements have been made
Screenshot of the WorkBuzz Action Planning Tool

Action Planning

  • Automatically create individual action plans for your people managers
  • Quickly pinpoint the biggest factors impacting staff satisfaction
  • Optimise your plans and experiences for different parts of the employee journey
  • Create that continuous feedback loop and drive visible business improvement

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

If you've been wondering, "what are the best questions for an employee satisfaction survey"? We've got you covered! Asking the right questions can mean the difference between actionable insight you can use to make changes and improvements, and hours of time lost in analysis.

Here at WorkBuzz, our survey software can provide employee satisfaction survey examples right out of the box. Or make use of our specialist team of people scientists who can provide satisfaction survey best practices, while fully customising to your business goals and needs. Chat to us today!

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"The WorkBuzz tools and dashboard are simple and intuitive and allow a good amount of customisation. You can draft your own questions, pick from their carefully curated examples or use a blend of both. We have recently started using the different language options which is an incredible pro for us with such a diverse workforce. But, the best thing about WorkBuzz is actually the team."

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