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Different Types of Employee Surveys

There are lots of different types of surveys available to companies, that can open up a whole world of insights that can be used to improve all aspects of a business; From wellbeing and staff sentiment, to on-the-job needs and experiences.

The WorkBuzz platform is an all-in-one solution that makes setting up and surveying your workforce as quickly and as easy as possible, regardless of the type of survey you need, while giving you access to actionable results and insights. Take a look at some of the different survey types below.

Survey Types

Icon to highlight employees engaging with each other.

Engagement Surveys

Top level employee engagement surveys to find out how your workforce is feeling about a broad number of topics.

Our engagement survey tool
View our employee engagement guide

Icon to highlight a pulse or heartbeat with regards to surveys.

Pulse Surveys

Regular and periodic employee pulse surveys to assess where things are improving or declining across your business.

Our pulse survey tool
View our pulse survey guide

Icon showing hands holding a heart, to represent the wellbeing of your staff.

Wellbeing Surveys

Staff wellbeing surveys that help to identify how your employees are feeling, whether around their mental health or physical.

Learn more about wellbeing surveys

Icon showing a face smiling and a thumbs up, to represent the satisfaction of your employees.

Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys help to identify staff sentiment and how your workforce are feeling in their roles and working environments.

Learn more about satisfaction surveys

Icon to highlight someone interviewing a new starter onboarding into a company

Onboarding Surveys

Surveys for your new starters. Find out about their onboarding experience, what went well, and what didn't to identify areas for improvement.

Learn more about onboarding surveys

Icon showing a person and an arrow to highlight someone leaving a company

Exit Surveys

Surveys for your leavers. Find out key information around reasons for leaving and identify prevention areas to help improve staff retention.

Learn more about exit surveys

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"The WorkBuzz tools and dashboard are simple and intuitive and allow a good amount of customisation. You can draft your own questions, pick from their carefully curated examples or use a blend of both. We have recently started using the different language options which is an incredible pro for us with such a diverse workforce. But, the best thing about WorkBuzz is actually the team."

Kay S

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