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Employee Lifecycle Surveys –
How we protect your feedback

To help your HR team action any feedback you have provided in your Lifecycle (Onboarding or Exit) surveys, your responses to the surveys will not be anonymous. This is to ensure action can be taken immediately if required. For example, if in an Onboarding survey you share feedback that you do not have the required equipment to do your job, HR will need to act as soon as possible to ensure you are properly equipped.

Your Lifecycle responses will always be shared confidentially with your HR team. Only permitted users of your HR team will have access, and access can only be provided by WorkBuzz.

In some cases, your company may include a question within your survey asking if you provide consent for your results to be shared confidentially with your line manager.

If you opt-in to provide your consent, your responses will be emailed to your line manager, allowing them to see your full responses to each survey question. If you opt-out; do not respond to the question; or if the consent question is not included in your Lifecycle survey – then your responses will not be sent to your line manager – your responses will remain accessible only by the HR team.

The key difference in the lifecycle surveys (Onboarding & Exit) is that they will show all of your responses. Please note that this is unlike the WorkBuzz Engagement and On Demand Poll surveys which are confidential, and where your results are merged anonymously with your team and other employees within your organisation.

We do take survey confidentially very seriously. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how we protect your confidentiality, please contact us directly at: support@workbuzz.com

Go here to see our Confidentiality Promise for Engagement and On Demand Poll surveys.