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Demonstrating the value of remote working

We’ve all seen the evidence that shows the value of remote working – 85% of businesses see increased productivity, 90% of employees say it increases morale and 77% believe remote working can lead to lower operating costs. So why haven’t we already embraced remote working?

Owl Labs’ State of Remote Working report seems to suggest that the number one reason businesses oppose remote working is because they are reluctant to try it. With Coronavirus forcing us to work remotely, we think perceptions about remote working are about to change rapidly.

With this catalyst for changing the way we work, it’s time to demonstrate the benefits remote working can have for your business.

How do we change the conversation around remote working?

1. Check in on your people to see how well they’ve adapted to working remotely.

Understand if they have what they need to do their jobs, how they feel about it, and what you as a leader can do to further improve either of those elements. Asking for ideas and implementing changes suggested by employees quickly will help them feel more engaged with the business and be able to take ownership of their performance and wellbeing. Trust in leadership and the decisions that are being made has never been more important.

2. Use business data that will help you measure the impact the changes have made.

Build your business case using information such as productivity measures, key performance indicators, client satisfaction scores and revenue through to staff retention and absence levels. The CIPD have created a great resource for building the business case for flexible working to get you started. Click here to download.

By linking business data with employee feedback, you’ll be able to create a compelling case to demonstrate the change remote working has made on your employee-base.

WorkBuzz are experts at creating stories about how culture influences business performance!

If we can help you to demonstrate how remote working can work for you through times of crisis to help move your company forward in a post Coronavirus world please get in touch. Just call +44 (0) 3333 446 530 or email hello@workbuzz.com

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