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Navigating the future: The evolution of HR in the age of AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancements, the spotlight has shifted towards the rise of AI and machine learning – especially since the emergence of tools like Chat GPT, which has been at the forefront of discussions and headlines over the past year.

We find ourselves at the forefront of a technological revolution.

In light of this, we asked HR professionals if this tech is something they’re thinking about using or are planning to use in the future.

The current state of AI adoption

Almost one in four (24%) of surveyed HR professionals said that AI or automation technology was already being used within their organisation or would be implemented within the next 12 months – and a further 28% said they’re considering using it. That’s 52% in total who are either using AI or similar technology right now, or who are thinking about doing so in the near future.

The future of AI adoption

Considering how rapidly such technology is being adopted, how different will the role of HR professional’s evolve over the next year? As technology reshapes the traditional HR landscape, the responsibilities and dynamics within the profession are poised for a profound transformation.

The other side of the coin: Resistance to change

On the flip side, nearly half of our survey HR professionals (48%) said they’re not planning to introduce AI or automation technology any time soon. This indicates a hesitancy or strategic decision to maintain a more traditional approach within their organisation.

Insights from ‘deskless industries’

Diving deeper into the data, when we look at respondents from traditionally ‘deskless’ industries such as manufacturing, construction and leisure and hospitality, over half of the respondents (51%) expressed a lack of immediate plans to embrace AI and automation – suggesting AI and automation is less of an emerging trend for HR teams in these and similar sectors.

What lies ahead?

As AI starts to (and will) become more common in HR practices, professionals need to plan ahead. Whether they’re adopting new technology or decide to stick to more traditional methods, understanding how AI affects HR is vital as it helps steer toward a future where technology and human skills work seamlessly together. The journey to this promises both challenge and opportunity, but it will create a redefined role for HR professionals in the age of AI.

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