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Reinventing leadership: what does it take to be a ‘great’ leader in the new era of working?


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

This year’s theme for International Leadership Week (22nd – 26th November 21) is ‘Leadership re-invented’, with a focus on how leadership has progressed over the past two years.

Our way of working has changed at a pace no one could have predicted. As organisations battled their way out of the pandemic, they were met with unfamiliar challenges around remote working and employee wellbeing, which led to a greater emphasis on leaders being flexible and delivering ‘better’ people management.

And now, as we enter a new era of working, which has been dominated by ‘The Great Resignation’, there has never been more pressure on leadership teams to adapt their approach, and alter their way of working to align with team expectations.

So, what does it take to be a ‘great’ leader in the new era of working? We asked team WorkBuzz what being a great leader looks like to them:

  1. “Someone who focuses on communication, the good, the bad and, everything in between.”
  2. “Someone who leads from the front but doesn’t micromanage.”
  3. “Someone who is confident in the process but is also open to feedback and change.”
  4. “Someone who can generate enthusiasm in their team for motivation.”
  5. “Someone who actively cultivates a ‘we’ culture instead of an ‘I’.”
  6. “Someone who offers a safe place for guaranteed feedback and guidance.”
  7. “Someone who sets a clear vision and can outline the approach on how to achieve it.”
  8. “Someone who maintains positive energy and eradicates negative energy.”
  9. “Someone who give praise and acknowledges achievements and contributions – no matter how great or small.”
  10. “Someone who recognises the need for balance across the organisation.”

As demonstrated above, defining what ‘makes a great leader’ will vary across your team. For some, clear communication will be the most important factor. For others, there will be a greater emphasis on recognition and culture.

The key to being a great leader relies on being able to adapt your leadership style to suit the requirements of your individual team members, whilst maintaining your own vision and company culture.

What do you think makes a great leader? We’d love to hear your thoughts, email: hello@workbuzz.com.

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