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Why a continued focus on wellbeing is essential…

Announcing an exciting new partnership with Infinity Wellbeing!

When the first lockdown happened at the end of March, crisis mode kicked in. We worked our socks off to respond, react, survive at work and at home. The world of work saw unprecedented amounts of change. Juggling life took on a whole new meaning with the underlying, overwhelming risk of the virus surrounding us. As we face a winter of uncertainty, the big unknown legacy of all of this is the lasting impact on our mental health. A prolonged period of time without physical contact with our loved ones, loneliness, fear, missing our friends, financial insecurity, redundancies, furlough – living with constant uncertainty. Exhaustion is setting in.

In the context of organisational culture, Josh Bersin’s reference to ‘culture retreat unfortunately could manifest as a real thing. If our leaders are exhausted, if we have to juggle all of these things once more, how do we pick ourselves back up and others around us?  If there’s one thing we’ve learnt at WorkBuzz, running so many pulse surveys throughout the pandemic, is that those companies who are continuously listening to their people are better able to adapt and meet their needs. Over the next few months a continued focus on mental health and wellbeing is key!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Infinity Wellbeing and the fabulous team there who are super passionate in supporting organisations with their wellbeing strategies. We’ve created a short Wellbeing pulse survey to enable you to establish how your people are feeling from a wellbeing perspective so you can respond quickly and provide the right support in the right way for your people over the coming months

With the results from your survey, the team at Infinity can work with you to define your strategy and provide the support you need. The best thing about this is that the survey is free! To find out more, click here!

There’s never been a better time to support each other and this is a going to be a powerful and fun collaboration which will hopefully make a big difference for all involved!

We also promise that all Zoom calls with us will be as much fun as this 😊 (Hats are optional!)

Find out more about WorkBuzz here: www.workbuzz.com.

Find out more about Infinity Wellbeing here: https://bestworkplacewellbeing.com/

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