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Leisure and Hospitality

How to retain and attract your deskless workforce


When it comes to delivering a premium guest experience, the research is clear: the happiness of your employees matters.

Prioritizing employee engagement and retention is paramount if you want to succeed in any industry, but it's especially true in the leisure and hospitality sector. With research showing that happy, engaged employees are more likely to provide superior customer experiences on a more consistent basis, building a winning culture has never been more important. 

This comprehensive eBook is packed full of helpful advice for people leaders in the sector, including 7 steps to building a long-term employee engagement strategy that will turn your leisure and hospitality business into a destination employer.


  • Why retention matters in Leisure & Hospitality
  • The link between employee well-being and exceptional service
  • Customer perception
  • Building a winning culture
  • The case for hiring for attitude over skills
  • Why the first 90 days matter & effective onboarding 
  • Putting it all together

About WorkBuzz

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