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The business case for employee engagement

How to deliver tangible ROI
and strategic change


As an HR leader in today's dynamic landscape, you face a myriad of challenges. The most critical is attracting and retaining talent, alongside maintaining high levels of employee engagement. These factors play pivotal roles in driving productivity and enhancing overall performance.

While the significance of employee engagement is clear, senior executives often prioritise growth through cost reduction and attempt to optimise outcomes with limited resources. Unfortunately, this approach typically neglects employee engagement initiatives, leaving HR leaders in a precarious position: striving to boost engagement while juggling employee 
 well-being concerns without the essential support. But, as disengaged employees adversely affect retention, productivity and performance, this makes your road ahead increasingly complex.

This book explores essential strategies for HR leaders to secure internal buy-in for investing in employee engagement initiatives for deskless organisations. Discover proven methods to showcase ROI and learn how to effectively influence your stakeholders to drive organisational change.


  • Connecting employee engagement to your business objectives
  • Demonstrating ROI on employee engagement
  • Getting buy-in from your internal stakeholders
  • Structuring your business case
  • Shaping your path to success

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