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Boosting retention through employee engagement:
How Harts Group is beating the vacancy rate challenge

This insightful webinar focuses on one of the top challenges faced by the leisure and hospitality industry: recruitment and retention. Recent reports state hospitality vacancies are 72% higher than pre-pandemic levels, leading to a negative impact on customer experience and commercial results. To combat these numbers, it’s crucial to focus on retaining your existing staff and nurturing an engaged employee base who are motivated to provide exceptional service.

We welcome Jon Napier, Head of HR at Harts Group, a London-based restaurant group, to share their success story.

Discover how Harts Group managed to reduce its vacancy rate from 18% post-pandemic to around 7% today, through a comprehensive employee engagement strategy.

Jon shares:

  • Why collaboration has been key for employee engagement.
  • Insights into their employee engagement survey cycle.
  • How they reach and boost response rates across frontline and ‘deskless’ staff.
  • How they empower their bar and restaurant management teams to enhance employee engagement.
  • Valuable tips and advice that can be adapted to your own engagement strategy.

This webinar offers great insights applicable not only to the leisure and hospitality industry but to any sector – especially if you’ve got a high number of deskless or frontline workers.

Your Host:

Hayley Hambridge
Senior Customer Success Manager
Jon Napier
Head of HR

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