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Creating a preventative workplace wellbeing culture


Join WorkBuzz and Fi Hills – a Behavioural, Culture and Wellbeing Specialist and Founder of the Virtual Coffeehouse – as we deep dive into the benefits of creating a preventative workplace wellbeing culture and look at how you, as an HR leader, can embed these changes across your organisation. 

You will learn: 

  • The current state of play of workplace wellbeing 
  • 3 key steps to integrate a preventative and responsive wellbeing culture 
  • How leadership can play its part 

+ you will receive a digital learning pack which walks you through implementing the initiatives highlighted 

Your Host:

Fi Hills
Behavioural, Culture and Wellbeing Specialist and Founder of the Virtual Coffeehouse

Bio: A master experiential facilitator and learning designer, Fi is a recognised ‘teacher of teachers’ she has been successfully transforming behaviour and culture for the past decade.

Fi is the innovator of the Cafe Style group coaching method and recently Mind Nudging, a tool to transform habitual thinking iteratively. The methods and tools have been validated in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East with private and public organisations.

Her real passion is to help organisations accelerate and scale behaviour and culture change, as well as developing thinking skills in leaders and employees. That is why she builds her learning material and tools to align with the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Top Skills framework:

Creativity, Originality, and Initiative
Analytical Thinking and Innovation
Critical Thinking and Analysis
Complex Problem Solving
Leadership and Social Influencing
Emotional Intelligence
Reasoning, Problem Solving and Ideation

Dawn Smedley
Enterprise Clients Lead, WorkBuzz
Bio: Dawn works with some of our largest clients here at WorkBuzz including the Priory Group and Aspris. Her mission is to help organisations improve the employee experience and brings a huge amount of energy and 10 years plus experience in global culture and insights to the conversation.

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