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Creating and maintaining safe spaces


A third of all employees don’t feel like they belong at their organisation, and over a quarter wouldn’t feel confident raising any concerns with their manager, according to WorkBuzz survey data.

In real terms, if yours is a 1000-employee organisation, that’s 330 people who just don’t feel an affinity with your workplace. To feel a sense of belonging and that we can operate at our best, we all need to feel safe.

With many organisations working to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts, having a safe space helps employees feel seen, included and protected, resulting in a positive employee experience and an engaged workforce.

In this one-hour webinar Ian Barrow, WorkBuzz Client Services Director, shines a light on safe spaces.

He explores:

  • The importance of safe spaces and the role leaders play in creating them
  • How to implement safe spaces and how it might feel to colleagues
  • Creating psychological safety in a team environment
  • What this looks like on a day-to-day basis

It’s a session that will help you reflect on your own need for safe spaces, and will offer guidance on where to start in your organisation.

Meet our expert:

Ian Barrow
Client Services Director
Ian has been partnering with organisations to help them become more effective for 30 years. Working primarily at board and senior management team levels, he helps organisations to identify, understand and improve the underlying drivers of their culture, employee engagement and employee experience.

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