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Employee engagement in a hybrid workplace:
Insights from an award-winning law firm

We’ve read in the news that many major companies, particularly in the technology, financial services and professional services industries, are requiring employees to return to office full or part-time. This mandated return is backfiring though, with one report highlighting that 42% of those employers who have put such policies in place are now experiencing higher employee attrition.

Several studies show a strong link between flexible work arrangements and higher employee engagement. But how do you know if the model you have in place is the right one for your organisation and workforce?

In this 45-minute webinar, Lucielle Cartwright, Head of Organisational Development at award-winning law firm TLT, shares their post-pandemic journey.

We uncover:

– How growth is impacting their working environment

– How they use data insights to help shape their flexible working policy

– How they’ve built stronger employee engagement across different ways of working

If you’re looking to better engage your employees across a diverse range of working patterns and locations, this session will offer fresh ideas and insights.

Sharing their insights:

Melisaan Foster
Customer Experience Officer, WorkBuzz
Lucielle Cartwright
Head of Organisational Development, TLT

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