WorkBuzz Webinar

Driving employee recruitment and retention in 2024 – It’s time to look at your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)


Join Ian Barrow – Senior Employee Experience Consultant at WorkBuzz – for an hour long workshop exploring: 

  • What do employees want from organisations, and what are their priorities?
  • What impact has the move to hybrid working had on employee and prospective employee expectations?
  • What are employees looking for in an employer in this post-pandemic world?
  • How do we navigate the shift towards the demand for more human organisations?

Your Host:


Ian Barrow

Client Services Director

Bio: Ian has been partnering with organisations to help them become more effective for over 25 years. Working primarily at Board and Senior Management Team levels, he helps organisations to identify, understand and improve the underlying drivers of their culture, employee engagement and employee experience.

He has worked across both the public and private sectors and has developed a keen understanding of how to listen to the voice of all stakeholders, presenting what he hears in an accessible way and using this to gain buy-in to strategies for making change happen.

He builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all the organisations with whom he works and has a deep passion for researching peoples behaviours and motivations, transforming organisations into more effective and inspiring places to work.

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