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Sharing the love –The power of recognition at work!


Feeling valued and appreciated is at the very heart of the employee experience. Join Kevin Ames*, global keynote speaker from the Ames Institute in the US and our very own Dawn Smedley (former Appreciateologist!) as they explore the role of recognition at work and the positive impact it can have on your culture. We’ll be bringing to life:

  • Why appreciation matters now more than ever before
  • The impact recognition has on culture
  • The important difference between appreciation and recognition
  • The ingredients needed to give recognition in the right way at work

*Warning! Kevin’s stories can bring a tear to your eye, so come armed with a tissue!

Your Host:

Kevin Ames
Ames Leadership Institute
Bio: Kevin is an author, world renowned speaker, and founder of the Ames Leadership Institute. With a background in communication and organizational behavior and more than thirty years of experience in business, Kevin is an expert in the areas of leadership development, culture, engagement, teamwork, and personal and professional development.
Dawn Smedley
Enterprise Clients Lead,
Bio: Dawn works with some of our largest clients here at WorkBuzz including the Priory Group and Aspris. Her mission is to help organisations improve the employee experience and brings a huge amount of energy and 10 years plus experience in global culture and insights to the conversation.

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