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Why most training doesn't work (and how to fix it)

Have you ever wondered why most behavioural training simply does not result in any changes to individuals' behaviour or performance? This applies to areas such as leadership, people and customer management, team working (the way people work together), selling and business development, negotiating, and much more.

It's time to discover what can really be done about this! In this session, we uncover:

  • The common pitfalls causing training to miss the mark
  • Actionable insights to make your training initiatives thrive
  • Strategies for achieving lasting results

Join WorkBuzz and Jim Thomas - Founder and Director of behaviour and performance training specialists, PDW Group - as we delve into the reasons behind the failure of most behavioural training initiatives and, more importantly, unveil effective strategies to change this. 

Our Hosts:

Jim Thomas
Founder & Director, PDW Group
Hayley Hambidge
Head of Client Success, WorkBuzz

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