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You can retain your deskless workers (if you want to)

Employee turnover hurts but losing your top talent can feel almost like a physical blow – these highly engaged, highly motivated employees are key to your organisation’s success.

Many organisations expect these critical people to be at the most senior levels in the organisation and often start there and work downwards when thinking about talent and retention.

But what if they are looking in the wrong place? What if your real talent exists on the frontline? What should you do then?

You need to turn the world upside down and concentrate on the many, not the few.

In this 45-min webinar, people expert Neil Hayward, discusses:

  • Retention clues to look out for in your organisation.
  • How to understand what motivates your people to stay.
  • How to spot your top talent.
  • Why line managers are key.
  • Tips for effective retention strategies.

Your Host:

Neil Hayward
Ex FTSE 100 HR Director, Executive Director and Board Advisor

Neil Hayward is a Non-Executive and Board Advisor with FTSE 100 Group HR Director experience. Over the last 25 years, he has worked in a variety of different sectors globally, including construction, building materials, retail, support services and financial services.


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