Your first 90 days as an HR leader

How you handle the first 90 days at a new workplace, in a new role, could determine whether you become a critical contributor to the company’s future or not.

In the following eBook, we offer 7 practical tips for ensuring you excel in your new HR leadership role and highlight commons mistakes to avoid. 

Contents include:

– The job of an HR leader – a brief overview

– 7 practical tips for a successful first 90 days as a new HR leader

– Mistakes to avoid

Authored by:

Neil Hayward
Ex FTSE 100 HR Director, Executive Director and Board Advisor

Bio: Neil Hayward is a Non-Executive and Board Advisor with extensive FTSE 100 Group HR Director experience. Over the last 25 years, he has worked in a variety of different sectors – in the UK and Internationally – for organisations such as the Post Office, BT Pie, and the Ministry of Justice.


Steven Frost
Founder & CEO at WorkBuzz

Steven is the Founder and CEO of WorkBuzz, an employee experience platform, which helps you gather real-time feedback from your people, improve employee engagement and build a more inclusive culture. WorkBuzz is HR’s secret weapon for managing change better and adapting to a changing world of work.