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How employee engagement software can improve employee retention

Employee retention is an important objective for organisations of all sizes. Having a high staff turnover rate can impact both the short-term and long-term success of an organisation by increasing operating costs, reducing morale, and diminishing an organisation’s overall efficiency. One way to improve employee retention rates, however, is to invest in employee engagement software. This software makes it easier for employers to track, measure, and analyse employee satisfaction levels, while also helping create stronger connections between employees and their managers through real-time feedback, and gathering data that can be used to make improvements in workplace processes.

In this article, we explore how the use of employee engagement software can help improve retention within any organisation.

Helps manage wellbeing

Employee engagement software provides a safe space for employees to express their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly, in an anonymous way. These data-driven insights provide employers the opportunity to then action this feedback by making more informed decisions. Fulfilment from a more positive and supportive work environment as a result of this will lead to improved morale and engagement, which are key factors to retain talent.

Supports professional development

By providing managers access to real-time feedback, organisations can quickly identify areas for improvement, specifically where employees desire more from their job on a career development basis. Off the back of this, managers can introduce programmes, further growth opportunities, or supply the necessary tools that will supplement this, stopping employees looking at other work prospects to fulfil this need.

Enables organisations to tune into the induction period…

Separate from the routine pulse surveys employee engagement software can relay to staff, some software also enables onboarding surveys to be sent out to new hires. These onboarding surveys enable people managers to gain feedback from new hires during their induction period, helping understand how well the process is working and if any issues need to be ironed out. According to research, 33% of new hires quit within the first 6 months, so discovering what works well and what doesn’t is key to limiting business exit.

…as well as other organisational processes

Other organisational processes – such as work patterns or level of flexibility, employee benefits and team-building activities – all help shape each individual’s experience of being an employee within your organisation. Gathering feedback on wider topics like this through employee engagement software will enable you to continuously assess how things can change moving forward, and understand what people actually desire from their place of work.

Provides feedback on management

Asking employees their opinion of management provides managers with data-driven insights surrounding how their actions and decisions are being perceived by the workforce. This feedback gives them the chance to create a more positive work environment, leading to improved job satisfaction and higher levels of motivation and trust. By listening to employee feedback, managers also have the opportunity to reduce misunderstandings between staff and management, fostering better relationships as a result.



When it comes down to it, the main way employee engagement software helps improve employee retention is by giving employees a voice. Regular encouragement to provide feedback and ideas about different organisational processes will make them feel like their opinion matters and that the workforce is valued. But it’s important to remember that feedback needs to be acknowledged and actioned where necessary – especially before any issues become bigger problems.

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