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Customer Stories

Switching from an Annual Survey to Quarterly Pulses improves engagement for Agrovista

Agrovista is a leading supplier of agronomy advice, seed, crop protection products and precision farming services. Headquartered in Nottingham, it has depots throughout the UK.
Receive timely feedback on new initiatives
Response rate increased by 8%
Managers are better informed

The Problem

Innovation and change is at the heart of Agrovista, with the company embracing new technology and trialling new programmes and precision farming for growers. It found that its annual employee engagement survey couldn’t keep up and it needed a more agile way to gather feedback from its workforce and help improve employee engagement.

The Solution

Agrovista made the switch to bite-sized quarterly pulse surveys.  Each quarter, key questions are asked to track employee engagement, with other questions covering the wider employee experience. Agrovista is also able to get timely feedback on new initiatives to see how these are embedding across the organisation.

These were identified through a strategy workshop facilitated by their WorkBuzz Engagement Consultant. During this planning session, new initiatives and changes which HR and business leaders would like to get feedback on were identified.

In Q1, The Agrovista Way was being launched to employees to reinforce its vision and values. Within weeks of this being communicated, employees were asked to rate their understanding of this and whether the values are consistently lived in their teams. This helped senior leadership identify any pockets of the organisation with a weaker understanding and take targeted action. In Q2, new technology and software was being launched for distribution teams. Using WorkBuzz’s targeted questions, affected employees were invited to provide feedback on this, helping IT to identify any teething issues.

The Outcome

The WorkBuzz quarterly pulses have quickly become embedded in Agrovista’s culture, with response rates 8% higher than its previous annual employee engagement survey and leaders embracing this more agile approach.

“This approach enables us to get timely feedback on new initiatives. We are now able to track our culture and identify any emerging issues faster.  As a result our managers are better informed and empowered to be better leaders through regular bite-size feedback from their teams.”

Tracey Winson
Head of HR

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