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Our flexible plans start from £2.50 per employee, per month, and can be tailored to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of surveys can I run?

Every organisation is unique, so you’re able to get feedback on a schedule which suits you – launch traditional annual, regular pulse and ad-hoc surveys within minutes.  Survey the whole workforce or a specific group of employees.

Can I customise our questions?

Yes! You can either use our best practice templates, which include one hundred expertly designed questions, covering the full employee experience, or you can use your own custom questions.

How often can we get feedback from our employees?

You can get feedback on a schedule which suits you. By selecting a frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annually), WorkBuzz will automatically schedule your surveys and questions for the upcoming months, carefully rotating the questions to avoid survey fatigue.

Is there a set-up fee?

There is no set-up fee, and all on-boarding support is inclusive of your annual WorkBuzz subscription. Our clients can also benefit from additional, bespoke People Science support, but this may cost more.

How does WorkBuzz protect employees’ confidentiality?

In order to ensure employees can provide honest feedback, they need to know their feedback will be treated confidentially. Our Confidentiality Promise details the steps we take, like merging employees’ feedback with their colleagues and preventing HR and managers from seeing the feedback from very small groups.

Not all my workforce has email addresses, can they access the survey?

Yes, using Kiosk mode, employees can access the survey by entering a short link on a web browser and entering their individual six digit code.

Can I benchmark our results against other companies?

Yes, for consistent questions, you’ll be able to benchmark your results against averages for organisations of a similar size or sector.

Do you offer support with communications?

WorkBuzz provides best practice templated communications which you can adapt to suit your own tone of voice and branding.

Can I ask specific questions to different groups or demographics?

Yes, using targeted questions, you can use logic to ask certain questions to certain groups or demographics. For example, to only ask employees based in your London office how their recent office move went.