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Justifying an employee listening strategy under financial pressure

Convincing leaders to spend additional budget when they’re under financial pressure isn’t easy. But leaving employee engagement to chance – and risking the associated impact on performance and revenue – just isn’t worth it.

In this article, we uncover why – and how the WorkBuzz platform will benefit your organisation for the long run.

Deter your organisation from further financial loss

The financial loss your organisation will incur if it gets things wrong far outweighs the initial outlay you need to spend to get them right. In fact, it’s been found that to replace an employee, it can cost up to 6-12 months of their annual salary.

With the WorkBuzz survey platform, you will get the insights you need to secure potential financial upside for your organisation. And if you establish a set of consistent people metrics, it’ll show you how the performance of your organisation improves alongside your Employee Engagement Score.

Learn more about tracking and measuring metrics such as your voluntary employee turnover rate and sickness and absenteeism rate – and how these can be mapped against your teams’ engagement scores – by reading our eBook, Employee Engagement & Experience: A measurement and metrics framework.

Get more from your data with People Science

There are many more metrics to the above that organisations can collect, and they’re different for every organisation. They depend on your industry and sector, and the size of your business, but our People Science team will help you identify which ones you should be tracking – and how to link them to your survey data.

People Science digs deeper into your employee data, combining detailed analytics with the study of human behaviour. This tangibly improves employee engagement and the wider employee experience.

Employee listening is critical, but it’s only the first step on your journey. Our People Science team will help you understand the human behaviours behind your results, and how to make the biggest difference across your organisation.

Different employee time stamps

Taking it one step further, our WorkBuzz survey platform allows you to look at multiple employee survey time stamps and metrics data, so you can start to track, project, and forecast ‘what if’ scenarios. You can look at how your initiatives have impacted a specific metric over time, or how a metric may have impacted engagement, for example.

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