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8 questions to ask in your engagement survey provider evaluation process

In the following article, John Backhouse, WorkBuzz’s Head of People Science, shares 8 key considerations when evaluating your current survey provider or your approach to employee listening.

1. Does the provider own their own survey technology?

This allows them full control over the functionality and roadmap of future enhancements. It also means that if something ever doesn’t go to plan, they are in full and direct control of the resolution, without needing to rely on a third or even fourth party.

2. What does the survey provider lead with?

Do they talk employee experience strategy first, with technology second? Or the other way round. This is important, as many companies supplying EX services nowadays are software first companies where the technology may have been built purely from a software angle by tech experts, not by EX listening and change experts who understand the HR client, the managers using the tools, and the industry first-hand.

3. How do they come at the world?

The tech is the enabler, but do they work as a partner getting to know your culture and how to build a culture of engagement and action for change. If the culture isn’t there, irrespective of how smart the tech is, employees still won’t use it.

4. How easy is the tech to use?

Think about the different stakeholders who will be using this. If your plan is to cascade dashboards to managers across your business, make sure it’s easy to use. That it isn’t overcomplicated with a million features you just won’t use, or don’t need. This is especially true where you are early on in your employee listening journey. Simple is best.

5. Is the survey platform flexible?

Can you run different types of surveys? Can you run your own? Think about how you want to use it internally and consider the right frequency for you.

6. Does the supplier practice what it preaches?

If it’s in the EX and employee engagement listening industry, how does it treat its own employees? It should be doing everything it can to get the best out of them and following all the advice it gives its own clients on how to improve their employee engagement.

7. Who are the decision makers influencing the direction of the company?

Is the supplier owned by a larger corporation who in turn has a million other clients? If so, will that supplier be able to remain agile, quickly pivot and make changes? Will they be a large voice in a tiny room, or a tiny voice in a large auditorium? This is important because it may give a clue to where you as the client fit in and if your voice to them will be tiny or large!

8. Can the survey provider give you a future roadmap?

This is especially true if you are thinking of signing up to a multi year deal, and want the security that the supplier will be around for the duration of your contract.

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