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Employee listening – A quick guide

Employee listening encourages regular communications between an employee and their organisation to monitor satisfaction levels. But what exactly is the employee listening? Why is it important? And what are the benefits of good employee listening?

What is employee listening?

Employee listening means exactly that: listening to your employees. And it goes hand-in-hand with creating a positive employee experience.

Listening well to staff – via regular pulse surveys – provides a means to better understand what’s happening within your workforce, and to better understand the people in your organisation. This allows for more data-driven people decisions to be made, and creates a culture that great talent wants to join and remain part of.


Why is employee listening important?

Employee listening helps your organisation efficiently learn, adapt, evolve, and change. It inspires positive transformation in the workplace, and has an equally positive impact on business performance.

By actively listening to the employee voice and consistently taking the data received onboard, your organisation will be able to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing. This is key to future-proofing your business, and it’s therefore critical that your organisation ensures the employee voice is always heard – and acted upon.


What are the benefits of employee listening?

Regular employee listening will help your organisation get to know its staff better, which leads to many other benefits. For example, challenges and tensions are easier to understand and deal if you catch them early on, before they get out of control. This will aid idea sharing and will put a spotlight on the areas where your business can make improvements – as well as where you’re already performing well.

Embedding an employee listening tool into your organisation will also make staff feel more valued. This will encourage employee retention, stronger teams, and most importantly, a stronger work culture.


What are the outcomes of poor employee listening?

Failure to listen to your employees correctly, or even at all, will inevitably lead to a high turnover of employees. You will also struggle to attract their replacements if you don’t adapt your approach and more regularly listen to your staff.

If you’re not actively listening to your employees, nor engaging them in an ongoing dialogue about their experiences and opinions of the workplace, you could be caught off guard when the next big problem occurs. That’s where WorkBuzz comes in – and it’s why we advise all our clients to continuously place our survey tools at the heart of their employee listening programme.


How can you implement employee listening?

At WorkBuzz, we believe that the best way to listen to your employees is to take a multi-method approach. During both one-to-one conversations and team meetings, leadership should be asking employees questions around their work concerns. Online focus groups and digital discussions can then be used for a broader reach across locations, regions and business units.
The WorkBuzz platform allows you to regularly
survey your employees, identify their concerns, and work to address them.

How can we help?

What our customers say...

WorkBuzz have acted as indispensable partners in our ongoing ambition to make us truly an employer of choice and a fantastic place for all our colleagues to work!

Donna Fearnley
Group HR Director
LKQ Euro Car Parts

I was really excited by WorkBuzz's ability to provide a more tailored, bespoke service – they’re hugely flexible and don’t just shoehorn off-the-shelf solutions to their clients. Loraine Thomas, Director of People and Culture

Loraine Thomas
Director of People and Culture

The flexibility of the WorkBuzz platform and its valuable insights has allowed Arbuthnot to grasp what’s important to our employees and use this information to drive initiatives to improve the employee experience.

Catriona Mackay Miller
HR Business Partner
Arbuthnot Latham

The team at WorkBuzz have been first-class. We are delighted with the outcome of the survey, the format it is presented in and how we can identify areas that can make us even better as an employer.

Richard Chatten
Senior Business Development Manager
TaxAssist Group

WorkBuzz have been so supportive and flexible in helping us get our first survey set up. Our Exec team were delighted with how quickly we received the feedback and how simple and user-friendly the tool is.

Helen Gray
Head of HR
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society

WorkBuzz's ability to build trust with our workforce to get them to share open feedback by having a clear confidentiality promise has been critical.

Loraine Thomas
Director of People and Culture

WorkBuzz has been incredibly helpful throughout the transformation of our employee listening strategy.

Catriona Mackay Miller
HR Business Partner
Arbuthnot Latham

We have been very pleased with WorkBuzz. The past 12 months have been massively challenging and the insights we have gained have helped to inform key business and people decisions.

David Wilkinson
Human Resources Director
Premier Foods

Lots of HR tech companies talk a good game, but turn out to be much less flexible in practice. WorkBuzz are an exception in the employee experience space.

Neil Hayward
Former HR Director

By really understanding why people consider leaving the business and engaging with them after the survey to discuss changes to improve these drivers, we’ve been able to improve our retention by 20%.

John Wrighthouse
Chief People Officer
Shell Energy

WorkBuzz is a simple-to-use system that gives us confidential feedback from our colleagues. After completing nine surveys, we can now track trends and discuss meaningful results within the organisation.

Sally Hilton
HR Officer
Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association

We've had some great feedback from our people about how easy the survey was and it's already generated lots of positive discussions about what's going well and what we can change.

Larry Grady
Chief Executive
Purley Park Trust

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