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Top features to look for in an employee engagement software solution

Employee engagement is the foundation of a thriving workplace. It’s the catalyst that propels organisations to success by creating a motivated, dedicated, and happy team.

In today’s digital age, leveraging the right technology can make all the difference in creating an engaged and connected workforce. However, not all employee engagement software solutions are created equal.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top features you should be looking for in your employee engagement software solution.

Simple, flexible, and customisable surveys

When it comes to assessing employee engagement levels, surveys are an invaluable tool. However, the key is simplicity. Top-notch employee engagement software should provide surveys that are not only user-friendly for employees but are also designed with HR professionals in mind.

While some providers offer complex solutions that may overwhelm both HR teams and employees, the ideal software offers intuitive and straightforward survey creation. Look for a solution that empowers you to easily craft and customise surveys to suit your organisation’s unique needs.

Comprehensive support throughout your engagement journey

Technology alone isn’t enough. A holistic approach to employee engagement requires a blend of cutting-edge technology and expert support, however a standout employee engagement software solution should offer customers a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) as well as a People Science (PS) team to support leaders through their employee engagement journey.

CSMs can help people leaders get up and running with their engagement surveys in no time, as well as providing guidance and best-practice information, whereas PS teams will help your organisation to go deeper into its employee feedback by understanding the human behaviours behind your results.

Having knowledgeable contacts to hand will enhance your engagement strategy and ensure its seamless implementation.

Anywhere accessibility

In today’s diverse workforce, not every employee sits behind a desk. Many contribute from the field, factory floor, or frontlines. A robust engagement software solution will recognise this and ensure that its platform accessibility is optimised for everyone.

Features like kiosk mode, accessible personal emails, and easy-to-use surveys enable all employees to participate, making them feel just as valued and integral to the engagement process.

Trending employee results for continuous improvement

The ability to measure and track employee engagement is crucial, but it doesn’t stop there. An effective employee engagement software solution should go beyond data collection by providing insights into the trends shaping your workforce’s sentiments.

Look for a platform that allows you to compare results over time. This empowers HR professionals to identify patterns, track progress, and demonstrate the real impact of surveys and organisational changes. It’s a powerful way to steer your engagement strategy toward continuous improvement.

Onboard and exit survey capabilities

The journey of an employee within an organisation is bookended by critical touch points: onboarding and exiting. A comprehensive employee engagement software solution should accommodate these key moments, and everything in between.

Onboard and exit survey capabilities offer a window into employees’ initial impressions and their reasons for deciding to leave. This data empowers organisations to fine-tune their processes, optimise the onboarding experience, and mitigate potential issues that could impact retention.


Ensuring the happiness and engagement of your employees centres around selecting the right software solution, and at WorkBuzz we’re proud to offer all the above features to our customers – and more. Discover the full spectrum of capabilities on our platform page here, or dive a bit deeper into what we do, how we do it and why, by booking a demo here.

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