Exit surveys – A quick guide

Exit surveys are an opportunity for organisations to gain valuable insights from employees who are leaving the business. But why should you issue exit surveys? What should they uncover? And what happens if you don’t include them during the off-boarding process? Read on to find out!

Exit surveys for employees

What are exit surveys?

Exit surveys gather feedback from employees who are leaving your organisation. Exit surveys gain feedback on:

  • Whether or not your employees would recommend your organisation as a great place to work
  • Why employees decided to leave your organisation
  • What the organisation could have done differently
  • What improvements could be made
  • Whether your employees felt valued

Why should you issue exit surveys?

Exit surveys provide valuable insights around the key employee engagement drivers at your organisation, and can be used to improve your recruitment and retention strategies

What are the other benefits of exit surveys?

Insights gained from exit surveys help reduce costly turnover, as well as increasing staff engagement and productivity.

Understanding what motivated one person to leave – and acting accordingly – could be the key to making sure someone else stays.

What happens if you don’t issue exit surveys?

If you’re not asking people they they’re leaving your organisation, you’re missing out on crucial information that could help improve retention.

Some reasons can be difficult to hear, but it’s only by understanding where your challenges lie that you can make the necessary changes to address them

How can you issue exit surveys?

Onboarding and exit surveys are available on our WorkBuzz Premium plan. You can quickly and easily issue customised onboarding and exit surveys – alongside your regular pulse and annual surveys – to both new starters and those exiting the business.

By having all your employee feedback from onboarding, engagement and exit surveys on one single platform, you’ll benefit from an improved and consistent experience for your employees. This will also simplify reporting and allow you to easily analyse data across different surveys – so you can spot any trends or areas of concern.

Read more about exit (and onboarding) surveys here.

Why lifecycle surveys matter

WorkBuzz Employee Engagement Platform

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